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  Goddess 6.3.00
by Shannon Petrick

Venue: The Pink Building - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Hope Tribe Collective

Shannon PetrickEach time my eyes run down any random flier, all I see is: male dj, male dj, male dj, male's enough to make any female fan of the scene get depressed! I mean, come on! Sasha: male, Digweed: male, DB: male, Icey: male. And the testosterone continues in our local scene: Nasir: male, Gene Carbonell: male, Sync: male, Gabriel: male. What's a poor girl to do?! Luckily, some lone figure out their heard our cry for help and the Goddess party was born.

To start off, I must say that I was disappointed at the venue. Not at the venue itself but there was a rumor going around that the little pink building on Cheshire Bridge Road used to be a strip club (no..really? What a surprise!). If this is true (and I'm pretty damn sure it is)...I think we can find a better place to throw an all-female party than a strip club! Let's not be too stereotypical, here. But let's look at the reality: the party was for a good cause (I'm not sure what the good cause was but I figured there was one because they were asking for canned goods at the door). It was by Hope Tribe Collective, our beloved philanthropic production company. It's so good to see such good-doing in our scene (maybe some other production companies should follow suit...hmmmm?).

Once we arrived, we were a bit confused...there were three different entrances. We tried one and said to go to the other, we went to the side door and were told to go to the back...when we went to the back door, one of the guys in the line said that he wasn't really sure if he was standing in the right line either. By the time all that happened, my head hurt and I was ready to go in.

Despite what the club was rumored to be, the inside was a great place to listen to music and dance. The acoustics were really good in the main room but there was definitely a lack of sound quality in the upstairs area. The lights were really nice as well; there was a really cool screen hanging from the ceiling in the main room that had the Goddess' (DJs') names moving across it, followed by the domain in dance music in which they rule (ex: "Spacegirl...Goddess of Techno").

Speaking of Spacegirl...she rocked! I've never seen her before but I have to say that she exceeded my expectations. Techno is a strange genre of music to me but she made it much more interesting than most of the other "techno artists" out there. Plus, she was live so you can't beat that! How many live P.A.s out there are female?? I was a little disappointed when an unidentified source informed me that Spacegirl only has three different sets and she just alternates them as she plays different clubs. I'm hoping that isn't true...

"Punisher: Goddess of Jungle"; Some male-chauvinistic pig standing next to me told his friend that the name Punisher was too unfeminine for a girl DJ. What?! Just goes to show that some people out there still think that women should be washing dishes and not doing anything "too male" like DJing.

"Prophecy: Goddess of Trance"; She played an okay set. She had her own style which is respectable. I was wondering where Sandra Collins was. Somehow Ms. Collins was deemed the "Goddess of Trance" a couple of years ago. I say we see Prophecy and Sandra do battle.

"Baby Anne (hell yeah!*): Goddess of Bass"; I'm not a big jungle/drum n bass fan but every once in a while a DJ that plays that style will impress me...that's Baby Anne. She was actually very good...she represents women very well in the world of dance music. Be proud!

*The "hell yeah" is reference to an amusing event that occurred at a party in Charlotte that Baby Anne played at. Chad McNeely and Sean McClellan (who run Progressive Collective) were standing on the dance floor when Baby Anne came on when this little backwoods country girl came up to them and said (in her little twangy voice) "Is that Baby Anne?! Hell yeah!"

I was able to catch a little bit of Eve and Keri's sets. Both were very good...Eve has improved 100% since I heard her a long time ago at MJQ Concourse. I was a little upset that Mary Jane, Eve, Keri and Isis were reduced to "Demi-Goddess" status on the flier...but I guess HTC didn't mean that as an insult.

And as always, there was the HTC residents "ruling room 2 and 3" who put on excellent performances in their own right: GBI, DRC, Raymond Rawls, and Mood-E.

Overall, a very good party in celebration of female triumph in the male-dominated world of dance music.

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