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  Friday da 13th 8.13.99
by Shannon Petrick

Venue: The Atrium - Stone Mountain, GA
Presented by: 421entertainment and Nuggz Clothing

An evening of craziness and good music on the most unlucky day of the year — Friday da 13th.

Shannon PetrickWhen I arrived at the Atrium around 12:30am, I found a line even longer than the one at the Seven party just a week before. There seemed to be many more people at this one — must have been the Jason/hockey mask flier that reeled people in. That and the great DJs spinning. There were actually a few DJs that I had never seen before such as Suwat and DJ Mirage. Suwat was great to hear because Atlanta has a shortage of live PA acts and it's always refreshing to know that people are making their own music.

Simply Jeff came towards the end of the night, around 5am. His music is so gospel music! Okay, not really. But he is really amazing and you could feel the energy surging throughout the crowd. He's been around for longer than I can remember and it shows in his mixing skills. I'm not the biggest breaks fan but Simply Jeff is just simply awesome (sorry for the cheesy play on words).

The lineup was a bit confusing. On the flier it said that Friction and Spice were playing but lo and behold, the playlist had Flooressence and Freakuinci. However, I talked to DJ Friction and he said that there was a mix-up — they were supposed to play two and a half hours but were only allowed forty-five minutes. I'm sure a lot of Friction and Spice fans were highly disappointed. I'm guessing that the production company added on Flooressence and Freakuinci at the last minute. That was okay with me because they played "Deep Space" which can be heard on Sasha and Digweed's "Expeditions." I admire Flooressence and Freakuici because of their unique sound and talent. Everytime I hear them they have a different sound to their music.

The music in the local room was really amazing! With such beloved Atlanta natives such as J-luv, Silver, and Bobble, it made the perfect place to coold down from the overheated, sweaty main room. At least I could move around in the locals room! Adjoining the locals room was the chill-out area. This is one of the best things about the Atrium — a 21+ place to sit back, relax, and watch those wonderful Japanimation movies. The club's security guys are another good feature of the Atrium. They actually treat you like a human being instead of a low-life degenerate.

Everything at the party was going well until I started noticing the attitude of the people that were there. This problem wasn't apparent only at the "Friday da 13th" party — it's been ongoing for a couple of years. The people that go to the parties of today do not seem to understand the philosophy behind the whole movement. Three words: Peace, love, and unity. When I first started going to raves three years ago, there was this beautiful, understood vibe between people. Everyone looked out for each other and everyone loved each other. You could even feel the love between total strangers. If someone bumped into you or hit you while they were dancing, they always apologized and made sure you were okay. I compare all that with what I see today. Now people don't seem to care. They push and say rude things. They emit a negative vibe. The reason why I loved this scene a few years ago was because it was one of the few loving environments that I knew in this violent, hate-filled world we live in. The music and PEOPLE brought me to a higher state of consiousness. Now I just look to the music to do that. We always hear about "Save the Raves" from the restrictive laws that keep our scene from growing. But I think an even bigger problem lies from within — from some of the people that make up the culture. I just hope that those people that bring anger and negative vibes to parties will soon realize to relax, love one another, and HAVE FUN. We need to love and respect each other and keep our scene pure.

Now that my little rant is over I want to say that 421 entertainment and Nuggz did an outstanding job of throwing this party. I suggest that everyone should make plans to go to their future events.

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