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  Chris Fortier 7.27.01
by Shane Bailey and Chris Handy

Venue: eleven50 - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: eleven50

With little publicity of Chris Fortier's appearance, it was much like any other slammed Friday night at eleven50. While the regulars were in the majority, it was very apparent those that came to hear Gene Carbonell and Fortier, who last appeared together in Atlanta at The Chamber. (Read the review.) The club was nice enough to waive their dress code for this event, and many took advantage of this opportunity to dress more comfortably.

The dance floor was never unbearably packed, with there always being open seating space for a rest. This was more than likely due to the number of people outside in the ACQUA area, which stayed thick most of the night. In the main room, the patrons were entertained by clips from the movie Studio 54 being projected on the stage curtain, as well as race scenes from the movie Tron. In addition, patrons were entertained by two performers on stage during the night.

Gene Carbonell started things off by laying the progressive smack down on helpless club victims. Although no alter table to sacrifice virgins on, and better yet still no virgins in the club at all, the night started off smoothly with tracks like "Minimalistixs Struggle for Pleasure," "Pole Folder & CP Apollo Vibes (John Debo Mix)," Chris Gainers "Triton Trauma," and Murph's "I Said Shut Up." As the crowd grew, so did the anticipation for Balance Promote Group and Fade Records founder Chris Fortier.

Around one o'clock, Gene finished and Chris stepped up with his unique style of progressive that is often imitated, but never duplicated. You can always expect to hear the absolute latest and greatest tracks out there, and this night would prove to be no different. People got to hear tracks like the new H-Two track "Desire" remix of "Gorecki" by Lamb, New Order's "Crystal (Bedrock Mix)," Radiohead's "Everything in its Right Place (Hybrid Mix)," and an unreleased mix of "Sanctuary" by Jimmy Van M.

Clearing out around 3, many missed the closure of Fortier's set. Holding down the fort were the many eleven50 employees from entrance to exit, in every corner of the venue, ensuring a quality experience for all. This professionalism is carried over to the solid acts due to appear in the coming weeks, including Sander Kleinenberg (Liquified), Taylor, Deep Dish, Pete Tong, and Scott Henry. They're sure to have more up their sleeve and never fail to disappoint.

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