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  Formula One 10.09.99
by Wendy Huber

Venue: Greenville Civic Center - Greenville, SC
Presented by: Proper Productions

Wendy HuberSo you're gripping your buzzer tight in anticipation as Alex Trebec states the last answer of the double jeopardy round for a 1000 points..."and the answer is: a naked guy strolling across the dance floor and a couple having sex fully clothed in the middle of the walkway."

"What is a sign of a really good party?"

Greenvile girls take a break from dancing.All I have to say is that the Greenville kidz have got it going on (no pun intended). The party was called Formula 1 and was held at a huge venue they call the Greenville Civic Center. I must first admit that I am usually not in favor of supporting the $25+ party for a number of reasons of which many can probably relate, but tonight was a definite exception. Even though it was rather humid that evening due to the weather, and the building was not at choice ventilation standards, no one seemed to mind because the music was so good. I find myself preaching my personal philosophy that the vibe alone is the key that can make or break a party, but — my dear friends — I am here to check myself in telling you that some big named dj's are well worth the trendy masses. DJ Funk, AK1200, Deepsky and Phantom 45 were the 4 main reasons why kidz packed into their cars and paid the high price and frankly...they got their money's worth.

DJ Funk was as good as his tapes if not better. (I am biased since he is one of my personal faves and the main reason why I made the commute...but he really got mine and many others' asses out onto the dance floor.) With his hard "nasty boy" house, he brought the vibe to an awesomely fun place. His skillz pumped the adrenaline in the room to pure smiles as he spouted out his favorites with a slickness. Even though the club was far from packed, he brought the majority to their feet to cheer him on in awe.

Tom and AllisonAK1200 was next with a special addition: Atlanta's own MC KNCTRNL contributed his lyrically talented beat with AK1200's awesome turntable genius. If you haven't heard AK1200, then you're missing out. If you didn't hear AK1200 and MC KNCTRNL that night, then you definitely missed out!! From the first record to the last they never gave anyone a chance to relax — AK1200 did not disappoint!!

Deepsky not only turned my ear, but also maintained my attention on the amazement tip. Their live P.A. was one of which I am sad to say I have missed in the past, but know now to make more of an effort to find and hunt down in future party endeavors. Deepsky's hard trance was a musical symphony of delight for the ears that enveloped and purified the soul. They simply drew the crowd in and pushed kidz out onto the dance floor in their personal physical revelations. Please Please Please...go and check this act out if you have been as naive as myself. You will thank me.

Now, even though Phantom 45 played far from his best set ever, it was still a true listening pleasure. Phantom 45 had a little difficulty getting things started, but once he got the vibe together, kidz got up to represent and celebrate their jungle love.

KNCTRNL's set proved just as awesome as his previous lyrical talents of that evening. He brought in all the old favorites, along with such surprises as Wonderdog clips, and blended it all with his turntable talents. His personality and mixing flare brought the vibe home.

breakdancer at Formula OneThe entire evening was full of surprises from the naked guy strolling across the dance floor holding his most personal of organs as a wallet to the couple having sex right on the main walkway by the the openness of the welcome vibe that usually is so missing from such outrageous events. And for another surprise, the dance circles, which I usually deplore for their unsympathetic stinginess for usual needed dance space, was a joyous surprise in that some of those Greenville kidz seriously know how to dance and respect the dance space of others struggling in their light. This one female breakdancer in particular blew away most I've ever seen (and that's saying a lot). And the visual light was not too showy or in your face, but just perfect for those who enjoy those extra "visual stimulating pleasures." So with all these surprises added to the amazing unity of a full night of good music...the vibe was right on. The Greenville scene has much to be supported.

It was a great evening with a steady flow of awesome music that blended with a great vibe to create a perfect party. Formula 1 — I wish more had made it, because seriously...they totally missed out!

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