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  Format with High Contrast 08.01.2002
by T. Chanté LaGon
photos by Malena Long

It's official. Format has maintained 365 days of planning and providing crowd-pleasing drum and bass events. So it's no surprise that Christy Dickert and crew's one-year anniversary party was no exception.

Did a larger venue take away from the intimate yet hyper atmosphere that Format is known for? Not by far. Though not as shoulder-to-shoulder as it's been at Ten27 (Karma was the venue before that), the promise of a High Contrast rinse kept folks streaming in past midnight.

High Contrast at Eleven50But then, you had to get through DR:C's set first. One of the original Format residents, DR:C seemed to be trying out a new see-saw set: speedy one minute, lethargic the next. Some of my peers agreed, but a couple fans who've followed the DJ from his Athens origins only had "I love DR:C" to say.

Now, how do you know when love is real? Does it come with repetition, familiarity or genuine quality? In the case of High Contrast, I'm inclined to believe that it's the constant reminder from magazines and industry types about how "innovative" and "genre-defining" he is.

He played the favorites, including Ed Rush and Optical's remix of "French Kiss," a retooled "It's Getting Hot" by Nelly, as well as a few bangers that you know I don't know the name of. The mature, familiar crowd responded appropriately, and those who were chilling in Eleven50's plush accommodations didn't hesitate to hop on the dance floor.

Overall, High Contrast gave the crowd what they wanted. Personally, I wanted something more. Like the first track Haunts (Neidel Crisan) played; it's got a desperate vocal, "Hold me tight ... and don't let me go," that is the ultimate in innocence-lost foreshadowing.

Format's one-year anniversary, which was sponsored in part by Lunar Magazine, definitely set the stage for upcoming events that drum and bass heads will continue to anticipate. Congratulations on a year well done.

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True Colours from True Colours
by High Contrast

Disc 1:

  1. Return of Forever
  2. Music is Everything
  3. True Colors
  4. Global Love
  5. Exposť
  6. Passion
  7. Make It Tonight
  8. Remember When
  9. Savoir Faire
  10. Fools Gold
  11. Mermaid Scar
Disc: 2
  1. Music Is Everything
  2. Global Love
  3. Savoir Faire
  4. Suddenly
  5. Remember When
  6. Passion
  7. True Colors
  8. Mermaid Scar
  9. Return of Forever
  10. Exposť
  11. Full Intention
  12. Make It Tonight

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