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  Format feat. Zinc 10.24.2003

Venue: Crescent Room

Encore Agency has been behind one of the most successful drum and bass monthly, Format. Over the last two years, the talents that's been showcased read like a regular who's who of dnb—High Contrast, Marcus Intalex, Tech Itch, Cause 4 Concern, TeeBee, Klute to just name a few.

However, on October 24, the two year-long run comes to a close in an intimate evening with DJ Zinc—along with the supporting cast of DJ Knick from Evol Intent, B:rok, ninjaKid and MC Race One at the Crescent Room.

The event and the music is top notch, as always. DJ Knick was espeically impressive in his opener—tagging with B:rok—complete with new, original production from Evol Intent. And ninjaKid (Adam Darbi) is a regular staple in the Atlanta dnb community. In addition to the music, Format were always about the people too (especially in terms of support).

So long Encore, and thanks for all the memories.


Jackie & Christy

Jackie & B:rok


DJ Knick from Evol Intent


DJ B:rok


DJ Ideal


Kelly Hubertus

MC RaceOne



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DJ Zinc - Faster
Faster from Track Listing:

  1. Faster
  2. You Follow
  3. Voodoo
  4. Illa
  5. Departure
  6. Umbongo
  7. Flim
  8. Anything
  9. People 4
  10. Road Rage
  11. Next Tuesday
  12. Fair Fight
  13. Casa De La Musica
  14. Hear No Evil
  15. Since (Including Hidden Track)

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