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  Format with TeeBee & Klute 04.18.2002
by Damon Fonooni

Venue: Ten27 - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Encore Entertainment

This was the first time I had been to Ten27, and as I was walking up, the outside made me wonder a little bit, but that all changed once I got inside. Format, the name given to a locally promoted night experimenting in various breaks and beats, had made sure there was a very warm and comfy feeling inside, emphasized by the candles and sofas, and there was also some very good music being catered by D:RC, who is part of the local Playtheavy drum & bass crew. For those of you who simply refuse to support your locals, D:RC is a perfectly good example why you should. This man has great talent and potential, and the only way he can expand himself is through support from drum & bass fans in Atlanta, in Georgia and the U.S.: keep that in mind the next time you are pondering going out to hear a local DJ or musician! After rocking the one's and two's for a couple of hours, D:RC gave way to a rather unlikely-looking Klute, in with the Metalheadz crew out of the UK, a group that with it's leaders, Goldie and Grooverider, helped to pioneer and pave the way for drum & bass. Klute was relentless with his constant mixing when he put a record on, he would immediately bring it in and beatmatch the two records, mixing for sometimes two or three minutes at a time. He threw down white label after white label, acetate after acetate so there goes any hope of trainspotting! Klute let loose on the crowd that had come out to see him play and gave all in attendance what they wanted. Rough and nasty low-ends in perfect balance with hauntingly musical melodies and harmonies, MC Raceone provided some lyrics over the beats, and he is another example why people must show their support for local performers. To be honest, I had never gotten to see Raceone before, but I was very impressed with his skills. And I must say, Klute seems like a nice, humble guy and I surmised all this when he was wandering around looking for a bathroom, and then, after finding one, let me go ahead of him!

Now, as for Teebee, well he was a no-show. What a tragedy! I had always admired Teebee for his taste in drum & bass, and more so for his productions: dark, yet intelligent, floor-killers yet peaceful. He was actually the greater part of the reason for my attendance and had apparently missed a flight out of Texas. Sure he called Christy, the Format promoter, to say he would be on the next flight an hour later and that he would just drive straight to the club, but nothing came of that! To be a jet-setting DJ...

Another Format success, despite being denied the chance to hear a certain unnamed Teebee; Klute and D:RC managed to pull through and show them people how it's done! Woo-Haah!


Casual Bodies from Casual Bodies
by Klute
Disc 1:

  1. Faceless
  2. Out of Silence
  3. Blitz
  4. Totem
  5. Bloody Rich
  6. We Believe
  7. True Human
  8. Talk Luba
  9. In the Zone
  10. Arrival
  11. Secret Love
Disc 2:
  1. Dot Dot Dot
  2. Annihilation
  3. Silent Weapons [Photek Mix]
  4. Perception [Dom & Roland Mix]

Order Now at

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