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  Epidemic 7.10.99
by Scot McElwaney
Photo by Wendy Huber

Venue: Westend Warehouse - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Epidemic

I have only three words to describe this party: "Too Damn Hot!" I swear that it had to have been over 110 degrees inside the Westend Warehouse. The flier had promised A/C and fans but all I saw were a couple of fans. This party had potential to be good but this is the wrong venue for summertime in ATL.

Epidemic booked a superb lineup of NYC junglists, bringing down Odi, Jungle Gym and DJ What to represent the stateside Drum and Bass sound. Also included in the lineup was the best damn MC that I have ever witnessed. TC Islam kept the party going non stop that night; considering the heat I don't know how he managed to do it. In addition to the northern DJ's, there was representation of the southeast from Florida's DJ Dread and a slew of locals. There were also plenty of vendors featuring your assorted party favors, but I couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing. I just didn't feel a good vibe at this party. Granted, it was too hot to dance for very long and this could have been a factor but it just seemed that too many kids were walking around with a chip on their shoulder. This is something that I've seen far too often at jungle parties. I'm not sure why, but whenever I go to a party that is primarily D&B the vibe just sucks.

EpidemicI was surprised when the last DJ came on and threw down a scorching set of hard desert breaks that made its way into progressive trance, the perfect way to end a party. I don't know what he goes by but his name is Jason and he made everyone that remained in the venue dance. The venue had cooled off a little bit and it wasn't as crowded. Everything seemed to be taking a turn for the better until some punk kid tried to dance off with me. I'm not a popper or a breaker so I don't understand what possessed this kid to get in my face. For future reference it's dancing not fighting so leave the karate bullshit in the dojo. Wife beater, blond hair and white visor, you know who you are.

Anyhow, I really do think that this party would have been a greater success had it been in a different venue. I had fun that night but I had to fight the heat to do so. The Westend Warehouse would be a good venue for late fall or winter but not in the middle of summer.

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