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  Enchantment 1.15.00
by Sean Pink

Venue: The Atrium - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Charisma Productions

I arrived at the Atrium around midnight. Tonight's party: Enchantment presented by Charisma Productions. I waited in line approximately half an hour. It went pretty smooth considering the size of the crowd. I could hear from outside some serious bass in the main room. I could not wait to get inside.

To my delight I found Odi was already spinning when I get in. The G-Force crew had abandoned the schedule and were trading off on the tables. Those guys were just havin' a ball and the attitude flowed onto the dance floor. I warmed up my dance shoes a bit but knew there was plenty more time to get my dance on. I went ahead into the "chill-out" room but there wasnt much chillin' to do in there. Kid Flight was tearin' it up. It was kind of early in the night to be chillin' anyway.

I headed back out, intending to check out the main room, but was sucked into the jungle circle. I'm a big jungle head and couldn't tear myself away from the hype sounds Odi and crew were pumping out. I could go on and on about how amazing Odi is, but everyone already knows it. Tonight the Atl got to see the rest of NY's G-Force crew. I want to throw super mad props to MC Posi-D who most definitely knows how to keep the crowd moving. He did have some good music and a great crowd with which to work. I believe the Atl fans impressed the entertainers as much as they impressed us.

The only times i could tear myself away from the stage was when I had to rehydrate myself. That was ok though because it gave me the opprotunity to check out the vibe around the rest of the party. It was as good as it's ever been at the Atrium. It wasn't overly crowded but by no means sparse. No fights or security problems, just lots of smiling friendly faces, familiar and new. I also got to check out all the fly dancers in the house (and strut a lil of my own stuff too). I spent a little while listening to Boomerang back in the chill-out room but was holding off on the main room for Gene Carbonell's set.

It was almost perfect timing. The G-Force crew finished up just as Gene was supposed to come on. However, when Posi-D gave up the mike, MC Warlox took it over. I had to stick around for a little bit longer and throw this rising local some support. I finally left my jungle spirit behind and brought my soul (and worn out dancing shoes) over to the other side of the house to be enchanted by a more established local.

Gene Carbonell has a presence on stage. He knows what he's doing. His experience has given him a clean precise sound and an understanig of the crowd's needs. This experience has come from Gene's commitment and perseverence. We are lucky that such talent calls Atlanta his home. His mellow progressive set finished up the night.

A side note I feel obligated to mention despite not wanting to be negative: As has been noted before, there are sound problems with the venue [in the area between the jungle room and the main room, where the sound clashes]. I'm not sure what the solution is and I don't think it's enough of a problem to abandon the Atrium, however I do think the cacophony is significant enough to detract from the mood a dj is trying to establish.

As usual none of the hard core party kids still there at 7:00am wanted the party to end. I'm not exaggerating in anyway when I tell you that I was overrun by screaming girls when Gene played his last track (a little Tori Amos bit). And earlier in the night, when the jungle sounds asked the crowd if they really wanted to rock the funky beats, something was started that ain't so easy to stop: a dancing frenzy. If they didn't have to, I don't think anyone would have left.

But alas they did have to. I envy the ones who went on to afterparties. More near perfect timing: just as I'm stopping at the last light before I get home (with no traffic around) the sun is rising right in front of me. What did you do saturday night?

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