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  Flippin' Burgers with Josh Wink 05.24.2002
by Roberto Torreggiani
Photos by Martynas Simokaitis

Venue: Eleven50
Presented by: Eleven50

Gene opening for Josh WinkMemorial Day Weekend got started off with a traditional cookout at eleven50 on Friday. The Philly Phenom, Josh Wink, first got behind the grill, then behind the decks. Adding to the outdoor fun was the poolside entertainment from the crew, dropping that sweet house for those in the mood to relax in the ambient setting of Acqua.

Josh Wink at eleven50Inside, I was happy to see that Gene began things with the deep groove that he is known for providing instead of just playing an "opening set." Gene is not an opening DJ and shouldn't be expected to change his sound for the headliner just because of the varying styles... way to stay true, Gene. Carbonell played some crowd favorites of the last few months such as "Oh Baby" by DJ Rasoul and UDG's "Give Me Fierce." The track that really got everyone's attention, including mine, was Homer & Lazon's "Violet City." Gene had it on white label, but I'm sure this track will be released soon. Being Memorial Day Weekend, there wasn't an abundance of people, but those who were there were dancing. It is never a dull moment when Gene is behind the decks, and this was no exception.

Josh Wink using Final ScratchWhen Josh came on, he immediately went a different direction with the sound. He started working in jazzy house tracks and grabbed the floor by playing tracks that would go over well with the huge cross-section of people in attendance. Now as you know, the majority of the Peachtree population gets out of town during this long weekend. Well, that means everyone else comes in: I didn't see many of the usual heads out this particular weekend. Josh's track selection wasn't as funky as the last time he was in Atlanta, but he had a difficult crowd to move. He wasn't playing to his avid followers, as he is accustomed to in past trips to Atlanta, but that did not deter him from taking off. The most notable of tracks was his Radiohead remix of "Everything in Its Right Place." Josh's production genius shines in this track, and it is going to be played a lot, deservedly so, I might add. Another track that got the fists pumping was "Changes" by Hakan Lidbo. Hot!Bethany spotted at Josh WinkI can't wait to get my hands on a copy. The fun didn't stop there, though. David Christophere from Rabbit in the Moon fame even made an appearance to see his good friend, Wink, in action. I got a chance to sit and talk (well, stand and down Makers and Cokes) with the RITM legend and talk about what he was up to and what we can expect. Basically, the man lives in the studio and we will be patiently waiting for his next creation. I asked him which way he was going with his production, and he simply stated, "Man, I'm just trying to make tracks that are timeless." How many producers live by this philosophy? It was great getting to get hear his views on the scene: David was a class act.

The dance floor during Josh WinkTo my surprise and delight, towards the end of his set, Josh took us back in time, dropping tracks like "Axle F" by Harold Faltermeyer, "Me, Myself and I" from De La Soul, and "Rapper's Delight" from the Sugar Hill Gang. His ability to use Final Scratch (and use it well) allowed for him to keep the crowd as long as he did. I appreciated how well Josh read the crowd, and he could tell when they had enough of the new-fangled music that is played in the big city. He gave the crowd a little something that they knew, and they ate it up. Josh couldn't just play to the veterans of the scene; he had to welcome in the newcomers as well. I had the opportunity to chat with the clean-cut Wink for a minute and asked him his thoughts on playing in Atlanta. Without hesitation he said, "Always love it."

Josh, right back at you... we love having you here.


United DJs of America, vol. 3 from United DJs of America, vol. 3
Mixed by Josh Wink

Track Listing:

  1. Begged Out - Murk
  2. Check This Out - Madd African
  3. Bang the Box - Jack Master
  4. How's the Music - Winx
  5. Losing Control - DBX
  6. It's All We Know - OBX
  7. The Wibler - Soundcraft
  8. Caffeine 4 Daze - Cappio Bros
  9. Into Your Space - Rozzo
  10. Plasmids - Tata Box Inhibitors
  11. Supernatural - Firefly

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