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  DJ Sneak 07.27.2002
by Kelly Hubertus
photos by Martynas Simokaitis

Venue: Eleven50

"Fashionably late?" No, 11:30 at Eleven50 on a Saturday night was still too soon to tell. Being able to still feel the air conditioning was enough to know how early I was. Passing through the main room, the sounds of Brandon Sutton tickled the ears. His set was inviting and eventually warmed up and got the juices flowing. He included G-Pal "Ocean of Blue," off of Tide:Edit:07, Saeed & Palash's latest CD.

Acqua at NightStepping out to Aqua, Gucci-wearing gangsters, a group of hippie concertgoers, and martini-sipping prototypes were thick. The pool and lighting were gorgeous and most importantly, an extra bar was set up. Gathering from a few conversations, some were talking about leaving and how the attendance at the club has lately been slim to none. Surprising to hear, it was time to go back inside because Senor Sosa was about to get the party started! About as "giddy as a school girl," I proceeded to take my place at the front of the main stage!

DJ Sneak graced the decks and picked up the pace by dropping a fresh, funky beat. It was time to dance! The main floor was elbow-to-elbow, and cheers came from the crowd. The magnificent vibe was set: everyone was gettin' down to the funky house being delivered from the stacks! Synchronized clapping brought me back to my choir days in school, but the unison of the crowd was awesome! Everyone was feelin' it, especially the dude that started blowing the foghorn! Hell yeah! How did he get that in? About an hour into Sneak's set, Usher's "You Don't Have To Call" remix kept the floor jumpin' and eager for more. One of Chitown's best DJ's kept it hot, so hot the sweat was dripping from the ceilings! His 4+hour set also included a cut from Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliot and a taste of Latin house. DJ Sneak can thumb through records faster than Craig Schwartz can file! Now you know it sounds good when you see the bartender come out to the floor and break it down! Not to go unnoticed, Stymie's amazing visuals were off da hook! He really knows how to make a disco ball look sexy! Even Sneak took a peek as the room turned into a vibrant sea of blue and green. The most memorable evening of groovin', sweatin', funky Chicago house, being hatted, and swollen feet was definitely fun! Hearing and seeing Carlos Sosa again brought me back to my roots in Chicago and made me jack my body non-stop! His "sneaky" sound for the encore performance track was the perfect ending. Around a quarter to 5A.M., the new and uh hmm, courteous security quickly cleared out the club, and I had the opportunity to thank DJ Sneak for his kick ass set! He is genuinely down-to-earth and sounded glad he decided to hit up Atlanta. Thank you Sosa!!


Ju Ju Beats from Ju Ju Beats
Mixed by DJ Sneak

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Dem Bitz Senghore, Tony/DJ J 4:05
  3. It's Magic [Remixes] Diesel 3:36
  4. Wanna Sing Belmans, Raoul/Dewe 5:37
  5. Locomotion
  6. Mochico #1 Mochico 4:23
  7. Guerilla Tactics
  8. Spirits [PB Dub] C., Craig/Dealer 3:51
  9. Wickedy Sounds Sosa, C. 4:46
  10. U Betta Know
  11. Discorobot Solomon, Luke/Harri 5:18
  12. Ser Serg Onionz 5:58
  13. Beatz Sosa, C. 4:43
  14. Lifted Experience Markey Disco/Cowele 5:32
  15. Shhh! Carter, Derrick L. 5:26
  16. Don't Move

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