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  Junior Sanchez 06.08.2002
by Cherish Lloyd
photos by Cherish Lloyd

Venue: Eleven50
Presented by: Eleven50

Junior Sanchez at Eleven50Junior Sanchez, with his impeccable skills and fabulous taste in house tunes, dropped his science on the tables at eleven50 on June 8th. Due to a speeding ticket (oops!), I arrived later than planned at around 12:45 A.M., and Sanchez was already spinning. The dance floor was packed, but the rest of the club had lots of elbow room (which I always like!). The crowd was a mix of Midtown clubbers, a few members of the khaki contingent from Buckhead, circuit boys, and the average person looking to have a blast on a Saturday night.

Junior Sanchez at Eleven50The sound system sounded crisp and clean (for once), not too base heavy... loud, but not deafening. The tracks Sanchez spun were upbeat and melodic. His sound had a Latino edge with baselines and beats stemming from hip hop. Junior's set clearly exhibited influences from Armand Van Helden and Roger Sanchez, though he had his own twist on things.

Junior Sanchez at Eleven50I made my way up to the DJ booth, passing a few of the typical Midtown posers trying to look cool as they stood around the bar. I was glad I brought my camera along, so I could catalog Junior at work. As I was taking some snap shots, I observed the 22-year old superstar calmly laying the vinyl on the tables; it was obvious he was in his element. He meshed the baselines in and out of each track with the dexterous fingertips of an expert lover.

After watching Junior spin for a few moments, I could not help myself from wanting to dance! I made my way to the dance floor and moved non-stop, being sandwiched between the other dancers. The music flowed so well that I lost track of time; when I looked at my watch it was 3:00 AM! I must say, Junior is the man, and I look forward to hearing him again! His music made a night in the Dirty South a little bit filthier.


Kittenz & Thee Glitz from Kittenz & Thee Glitz
mixed by Felix Da Housecat

Track Listing:

  1. Harlot (Intro)
  2. Walk With Me
  3. Voicemail w/Miss Kittin
  4. Madame Hollywood
  5. Silver Screen Shower Scene
  6. Control Freaq
  7. What Does It Feel Like?
  8. Happy Hour
  9. Thee Enter View
  10. Glitz Rock
  11. Analog City
  12. Pray For A Star
  13. Sequel2Sub
  14. Magic Fly
  15. She Lives
  16. Runaway Dreamer

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