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  Jazzanova & Koop 09.10.2002
by Kelly Hubertus
photos by Barbara Schatz

Venue: Eleven50

Crowd at eleven50 for Jazzanova & Koop.  Photos courtesy of Barbara SchatzEntering the main room at around 10PM, the warm, cozy vibe was great to feel for a change. Eleven50, on the eve of September 11th, was set up beautifully with candlelight in every corner and lounge sofas that lined the edge of the dance floor. There were about six people on the floor, and everyone else was either sitting or using the bar as an armrest. Magnus Zingmark from Koop was playing a fresh and jazzy set that progressed into deep house silky smooth. He was heating things up so well that he had to fan himself off with his next piece of wax. Within the hour, Magnus had turned the low-key atmosphere into a jump-up dance party. He really got the crowd lively for Jazzanova.

Photos courtesy of Barbara SchatzAfter doing the usual walk-through, I noticed that Aqua was not open, and the upstairs was roped off. Great for the club itself, it looked as though Eleven50 underestimated themselves with how many people were going to attend. The crowd was different from the norm as well. The overall mood was very good. Everyone was very excited to see these DJs. It was so incredibly crowded that it was difficult to move anywhere or dance, although this time everyone on the floor was dancing instead of the usual few that are making out or blocking the way.

Photos courtesy of Barbara SchatzPhotos courtesy of Barbara Schatz11:15pm came around, and Alexander Barck stepped up. Three members from Jazzanova appeared that evening and started things off so funky, they needed a shower! They rotated into a magical, upbeat jazzy journey that even brought out the swing dancer in everyone. At this point, I was waiting to see people jump up onto the couches and tables that had been placed on the dance floor. They were in the way more than anything, and no one was sitting out this one. Alexander Barck, Jurgen von Knoblauch, and Claas Brieler had crates and crates full of kick-ass records. They played everything, and to put it bluntly, they did a complete genre-fuck! Electro, drum and bass, funk, house-you name it. The mixing wasn't really there, but this set was far from Buckhead's club sets! It would have been awesome to see all six members play out live, but let me tell you, these three brought the roof down alone. Photos courtesy of Barbara SchatzIt was great to see these guys have so much fun playing. They dropped Robin S. "Show Me Love," a surprise song, " Need A Little Help From My Friends," and a little reggae for the massive, Angie Stone.

4AM with literally 4 people left dancing, and the party was still as strong with 1,000 people. Alexander, Jurgen, and Claas never ran out of records. They were having so much fun; they even tagged on the dance floor! In between drinks and playing, I had the pleasure of dancing with Alexander Barck. The entire evening was incredible and everyone seemed to appreciate the hard work from Eleven50 and the music they continue to bring through for us.

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In Between from In Between
by Jazzanova

Track Listing:

  1. L.O.V.E. And You & I (Vibes: David Friedmann, Bass: Paul Kleber)
  2. No Use (Featuring Clara Hill)
  3. The One-Tet (Featuring Capital A)
  4. Fade Out
  5. Hanazono (Piano: Hajime Yoshizawa)
  6. Mwela, Mwela (Here I Am) (Featuring Valerie Etienne & Rob Gallagher)
  7. Keep Falling (Featuring Ursula Rucker & Hawkeye Phanatic)
  8. Cyclic
  9. Another New Day
  10. Place In Between
  11. Soon (Featuring Vikter Duplaix)
  12. Dance The Dance (Featuring Doug Hammond)
  13. Sub-Atlantic
  14. Glow And Glare
  15. E-Ovation
  16. Takes You Back (Unexpected Dub) (Featuring Desney Bailey)
  17. Wasted Time (Featuring Vikter Duplaix)

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