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  DJ Heather 08.31.2002
by Kelly Hubertus
photos by Martynas Simokaitis

Venue: Eleven50

Acqua at NightOnce again, upscale and swank meet down and dirty. Eleven50 started Labor Day weekend off right by presenting their monthly "HouseCall" event which features the nation's hottest house DJs. "HouseCall" has successfully rocked Eleven50's floor three times, including sets from DJ Sneak, Jeno, and this time with Chicago's house honey, DJ Heather.

Eleven50 dancer for House CallArriving late at 12:30AM due to work, Kevin O had already spun. Heather was already bustin' out though! Eager to see Heather play because I had yet to see her live, I headed right for the dance floor, and the booty started shakin'! Heather had clearly shown how much she enjoys rocking the decks and pumping up the crowd! Her energy spilled out onto the floor and there were no problems with cleaning it up. Her set both catered to the typical hipster crowd and the house heads. She included remixes from many familiar artists such as Usher with "You Don't Have To Call," Suzanne Vega and "Tom's Diner," as well as Tweet's "Oops," which by the way, was decent and added some speed and sharp beats. The dance floor was at capacity for sure as well as the rest of the club.

DJ HeatherTaking a short break from dancing, I decided to check out Aqua to see what was shakin' out there. The usual humid temperature wasn't helping me cool off, but a little more room was appreciated. The people hanging out were the normal fashion show club goers. Greeted by brightly colored feather boas and glitter paper crowned princesses, someone's private party was in full force. Ok, had to get back inside!

Created to hopefully educate the people on house music and house DJs, Eleven50's "HouseCall" class was still in session at 2:40AM and Heather was not slowing down! I returned to my spot and danced the remainder of her set that came to a close at around 4AM-just when the floor had enough room to dance too! DJ Heather put on a great show with a solid banging set and really showed Atlanta what house music is all about.


Tangerine from Tangerine
Mixed by DJ Heather

Track Listing:

  1. Discorobot
  2. Speaking With Sounds - Chris Nazuka
  3. Inside Your Soul - Nick Holder
  4. Fall - Natural Rhythm
  5. No Time to Lose
  6. Mind Magic [Dub]
  7. Groove On [Joshua's Dubwise Mix]
  8. From the Vaults
  9. 2 da Floor
  10. Expansion Module - Studio Nova
  11. Turn on Tune In [dropout mix] - Toka Project
  12. All in My Mind - Bert Dunk
  13. Don't Cry - Toka Project
  14. 10
  15. Shake If for Me
  16. Window Pain

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