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  John Digweed 2.24.01
by Chris Haire

Venue: eleven50 - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Liquid Groove

John Digweed, his name says it all. One quick mention of his name and a myriad of emotions stir in almost any fan of electronic music. There's always something magically with the sets Mr. Digweed puts together that illicits joy from even the most jaded listeners of electronic music. Countless nights we've seen him work his magic, and every time the same response is muttered. "John Digweed just played his best set ever! There's NO WAY he can top that!" Yet Digweed surpassed expectations this past Saturday night, again.

When I arrived at eleven50, Digweed was already manning the turntables. Unfortunately, I missed Sean Cusick's performance due to my usual Saturday night engagement at WREK. I found some friends to get a report on Cusick's set, and according to them, he had the crowd dancing the entire time with some fine deep house grooves. Furthermore, they said Digweed had just taken over about 15 minutes before midnight. Excellent, I had only missed about 20 minutes of his set.

By this time, Digweed had lowered the energy a little bit, playing almost minimalist music, somewhere between the boundaries of house and trance. Just a constant kick drum and some dark, sinister sounds filled the air of the club. Digweed continued along the same musical path, just subtly building things up. His sound was definitely for the connoisseurs of dance music. If you were looking for cheap trills, Digweed wasn't going to oblige. After about 2 hours of teasing the crowd, the first climax finally came. The sound dropped; the crowd yelled; and everyone shook their heads in disbelief.

The crafty man from the UK continued his determined workout of the crowd. Slowly, he turned the dance floor into a sweaty mess. The majority of the 21+ crowd was hooked on every note, hypnotized by the constant groove. Hand clapping, occasion cheers of Digweed's name, and screams of joy was all the evidence Digweed needed to know that we were enjoying his music, and we were ready for wherever he was going to take us. By 3am, the usual club closing time, the place was still packed, and Digweed was still spinning. He ended the night with encore after encore, as the crowd chanted "One more!" after every song. Forty-five minutes later, Digweed and Cusick finally took their last bow to the crowd and sealed what was another unforgettable night with the man that seems to make a habit of creating such nights, John Digweed.

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