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  Destination w/Taucher 4.14.01
by Shane Bailey

Venue: Club Destinaton - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Club Destination

Where to start.... Well I guess it would be best from the ground up, for that would only be fitting for this venue and production in progress. The location: I myself did not, but I sensed others were a bit wary of leaving their car unattended in a parking lot, if you could even find a spot, of what appeared to be an abandoned car garage warehouse turned venue. Located on the outer banks of Atlanta, south of Turner Field, the clichéd "one wrong turn" rang true in finding the aspiring "super-club" Destination. Although the Destination crew admitted they had to open prematurely and that things were not quite finished, upon entering, I felt it in their best interest to put off the inaugural open date. Even the two rooms that were open still needed serious work, and the progressive room — let's just say don't plan on it opening for quite some time. It appeared to be nothing more than a storage area at the moment, and it was probably a blessing that it was not ready, for this event was not prepared for the enormous amount of empty space that would've been present on this night had it been available.

As it was, with only the "underground" room open, which was used as the main space, the 75 attendees looked like half that amount. While on the topic of the "underground" room, this is one instance where it actually would have been very appropriate to come prepared with your dust masks, seeing as there was still evidence of renovation on the floor. As for the "VIP" room, I'm not completely clear on what the future holds for its fate, but it was hardly that on this night. I kind of got the idea that merely having furniture to take a load off were the qualifications of deeming this room as such. Hopefully another thing to look forward to when the "progressive" room is finished is more bathrooms, for as it stands there are only two toilets to accommodate the patrons. This could pose a huge problem if this place even filled to half-capacity. The marketing of destination was very convincing, I'll give them that, but as for what group they were going after, if any specific one at all, I'm still unclear. What spurned this curiosity was the fact that although it was an 18+ event and there was no bar, there were many well-dressed adults, let alone 21+ patrons present. I couldn't help but notice the confusion of the crowd stemming from the conflicting expectations everyone in attendance seemed to have.

Undeniably there were some positives on this night. The visuals were very impressive, with two projectors displaying on approximately 8' x 8' screens. The sound was crisp and very solid with little to no echo, as would be expected in such a warehouse environment with few bodies to absorb the sound. Finally, although for the most part unnoticed and unseen, surprisingly enough there was a dancer performing rhythmic gymnastics near the DJ stand using such props as the hoop, ball, and ribbon. I was impressed, although the lighting didn't do the performer much justice. Don't get me wrong, this place has a lot of potential; the key word being "potential" here. If and when they put the finishing touches on the existing rooms and begin renovating what will be the main "progressive" room this could actually meet the expectations set forth by the Destination crew and essentially the masses that have lost so many large quality venues as of late. To reiterate what I touched on before, if and when this club catches on, hopefully arrangements will be made to alleviate parking concerns due to the bad part of town and the lack of available Destination-owned possibilities to leave one's vehicle. One thing is for sure though. You can't go wrong with the likes of Moda, John Bishop, Justin Scott, and D:Fuse, all scheduled to appear in the very near future.

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