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  Deep 10.1.99
by Wendy Huber

Venue: The House of Joe - Athens, Georgia
Presented by: Vagusluv Productions

Wendy HuberWelcome to my my family of Athens. We were once a scene to be reckoned with. Kidz from all over the state would commute for one of Athens' events; not because of the special lights, big named dj's, glitz & glamour that kidz have come to expect as the norm as of late...but for the vibe, the energy, the sincere sound of music's power and love that envelopes the soul.

So I went to a party. An awesome little party in fact, where it cost only $3 at the door (on a Friday night no less), no one strip searched you, there was plenty of dance space and sitting areas to choose from, and the water was cold and free!! There was excellent music for the ears, loving faces full of smiles for the eyes, quiet nooks about (inside and out) for the possibility of actual conversations to take place, and a good vibe that energized the levels of humanity to refreshen the soul.

James in the arcade roomThe party was called Deep with a lineup consisting of 4 kool kats from the Athens family. It took place at an old coffee house that has been remodeled into the most bomb little bar. Walking through the door flooded me with memories of late night crams, but as I wandered toward the back, all the bizarre connections faded away. Stars on the ceiling, comfy looking couches, plenty of smooth dance space and a gated outside area full of tables and open sky. The House of Joe has all the spunkiness of the good ol' after hour hangouts back in the day that just made you feel at home.

The night began with DJ Speech, who — I'm sorry to say — I missed because of a passionate reunion with a Melon Ball just a few doors down. But, I was told his awesome set of trance was all that as he set the mood off perfectly. For the kidz that were smart enough to scoot in early, he slowly eased the vibe up to a jammin' level of energetic dance.

Next, Mikhail got on the tables to rock the Casbah to a different beat with some progressive breaks and electro that enticed the kidz that were looming at the door to merge in off the streets and break it on down. He brought with him an awesome vibe. After Mikhail's set, Grinch jumped on the tables to bring up the vibe to a jungle jive. He picked up the beat to roll the jungle through the smiling crowds. Then the Cameron we all know and luv didn't let anyone down, bringing everyone's smiles up around their ears. As he never disappoints with his electric brillance, he filled the room with awesome trance that blew the evening up to its full potential.

DK MikhailThe evening closed down a little before 3am because of the new laws, but many decided to mosey on to a list of choice afterparties. But all in all, the evening brought me back to a time and energy that has been missing for much too long. To the reasons why we all began going and supporting the scene in the first place. Deep was a journey that brought me back to a time when kidz went to parties to see each other (instead of to be seen), to celebrate the music (instead of the big named/high priced dj's), to a time when water was free because the promoter cared about the health of their families, to a time when the kidz came out because it was their time and this was their home. The celebration of the human spirit is the foundation upon which the scene was created so many years ago. Vagusluv Productions, like a handful of other production companies today, are bringing back what is real and right.

I encourage you all to make your own personal stand for what you believe in. I challenge you all to go out of your way to support your scene...your culture...your making a difference by either donating your time with your skillz as dj's or talents as lighting/visual artists or as kidz who just want a place to dance. Commute beyond the glossy fliers and city limits. Unite and bring with you the pure sense of what you want from others. Trust that if you believe in your culture, it will survive such vain attempts as 99X and MTV pop trends that we have been forced to live with for much too long.

Joey and Aleetha of VagusluvI invite you to introduce yourselves to a handful of Athens based production companies that would love your support and feedback to bring our scene back home. Joey, Aleetha and Chris from Vagusluv Productions, who were the ones to put on this awesome little event, will continue every Friday nite at the House of Joe in Athens among other weekly events. David and the gang in conjunction with Boybutante brought us that memorable night at the Quality Warehouse with free beers, presents at the door and a good vibe to last the whole year. Chris with RainyKid Productions has been the lifeforce behind Candy (promising little record store in Athens) and has brought us such amazing listening pleasures at such awesome venues as the Georgia Theatre and Need Supply. And finally Darcy with Playtheavy in conjunction with Brian (Sleuth Productions) will bring us future events at Tasty World in November with a lineup still to be announced among many other tantalizing future parties. You should make a note of these companies' should totally check out what they have to offer...they are always working and always planning to bring you more.

I would like to thank such groups (along with many other hardworking kidz, too long a list to name) for their blood, sweat and devotion to bringing back the funk. AND I'd especially like to give a shout out to all those kidz for stickin' to it and keepin' it real over the years. Because this is our home and it's up to us to maintain.

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