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  Wired—4th Annual Athens Electronic Music Festival 06.25.2005
Venue: Boneshakers

Kristen/Dash Productions It's easy to lose sight that all deejays/producers started out as aspiring locals of their respective hometowns, refining their craft, winning and paiently building an audience base, until that fateful big break-through. And Wired has served as a showcase for some of the very recognized talents in the Atlanta/Athens area, as well as fresh up-and-comers ready to be heard. For the fourth year in a row (see previous coverage here), Wired offered up a diverse and eclectic offering (from breaks to dnb to house to progressive, and with some un-categorizable tempo/genre interspersed) to complement the greater Athens festival that's often lacking in the coverage of electronic dance music.

Complete lineup and details are on the Lunar Calendar. Even the threat of a fast moving shower could not dampen the spirits of the purposeful or accidental attendee—ranging from walk-by pedestrians, casual fans, die-hard "heads", deejays, producers, promoters and other glittering scenesters. For the luckless who missed this simulataneously intimate and public event, keep your eyes and ears peeled for the next one, year Wired 5.

Congratulations and Thanks to Dash Productions for their continued effort and great music!

MC Enda

Jen & Amanda





"Robot" Jerry






Kristen & Matt

















Chris & Tiff

Corey, Jesse & Scott





DJ Kevin Dispain




"Phone" boy



Kristen & DJ Ezra



DJ Corey von Water

DJ Ross Hambrick


Blondie & Marcus


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DJ Marky - Movement: Brazilian Job
Movement: Brazilian Job from Tracklisting:

  1. LK (Carolina Carol Bela) [DJ Marky and XRS Land Mix] - Jorge Ben
  2. Supergrass - DJ Addiction
  3. Nightfall - Marcus Intalex
  4. My Dreams [Total Science Mix] - London Elektricity
  5. Midnight
  6. Better Place [Intalex Mix] - 4hero
  7. Picture on the Wall - Trinity
  8. Jazz Note [Total Science Mix] - Krust
  9. Sambassim [DJ Marky VIP Mix] - Fernanda Porto
  10. Four Days - Bad Company
  11. Believe - Origin Unknown
  12. Hush Hush - Shimon
  13. Spaced Invader
  14. Specialist - Future Cut
  15. Kerb Krawler - Optical
  16. Shake Ur Body - Shy FX
  17. Só Tinha Que Ser Com Você [Cosmonautics Remix] - DJ Marky
  18. When I'm Close 2 U - John B.
  19. Mystic - Calibre
  20. Só Tinha Que Ser Com Você [Original Lounge Mix] [*] - DJ Marky

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