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  Adam Freeland & DJ Hyper 12.04.2003

Venue: Crescent Room

Adam Freeland has been making regular stops in Atlanta since 1999. His appearances are usually well received by both fans and critics alike. I mean, "Kick A Hole" was a total (dance)floor-destroyer, and "We Want Your Soul" is rapidly approaching played-out status. Previously, DJ Hyper's Bedrock Breaks Tour missed Atlanta by way of Macon. Last minute announcement had Katie Kabel [K-Swing] opening up for the duo. What a night for the sound of nu-skool breaks!

In case people forgot it was December, the Crescent Room was all decked out in the holiday theme with lights, tree and even a snowman. The turnout was unexpectedly small, considering the cover charge was very nominal. But between the friendly acknowledgements, the smiling faces, and a spirited dancefloor, it still made for a memorable night.

Just check out some of the photos from the night (and some responses compiled from our forum regulars).



great smile!




DJ Sikora




When she [K-Swing] threw on Jono Fernandez "Monkey Business," I almost lost my shit!! Adam rocked it out with a little "We Want Your Soul," Beastie Boys and many other tracks I'm sure will be trainspotted in the coming days. DJ Hyper tore it up more than I even could have hoped for... —Aquatechnic





Deena, Chewy, Victor and Brandon C


Angel & Ian


J-Luv & Christy

John & Jen


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Adam Freeland - On Tour
On Tour from Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Absurd - Fluke
  3. Voices - KC Flight vs. Funky Junction
  4. Phat Cap - Cause For Concern
  5. Warrior Sound - Pressure Drop
  6. Neuroscan - Exile
  7. Hold Tight - Quinn Whalley
  8. 6 Space - Ils
  9. Monster - Bushwacka!
  10. Rhythm Dance - Uberzone
  11. Fraunenliebe - Sound Workers
  12. Percussive Thinking - Forme
  13. The Egyptian - Bushwacka!
  14. Uranium - Radioactive Man
  15. ESW - Bassbin Twins

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