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  Connected 3.25.99
by Shannon Petrick
Photos by Chanté LaGon

Venue: Studio Central - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Pleazure Productions

Shannon PetrickOnce again, Pleazure Productions "Connected" our beloved Atlanta to fellow clubbers in cities across the nation on March 25th. This is a night I'll never forget.

It all began once upon a time in the middle of the ghetto (aka Studio Central). I really like the venue...spacious (20,000 square feet) with that "warehouse-y" feel. The perfect place to house an enormous party such as this. I went to the Connected party in '99 and I have to say that the lines this year far outnumbered the ones last year.

I walk up to the security guard at the front of the line that wraps and winds around the corners of the venue and tell him that I should be on the guest list. He points to one of the three neverending lines and says, "see that line there? That's the guest list line." Okay. Guest list line? What?? Confused, I walk back to my companion and inform him that we have to wait in "the guest list line" to get in. Before my friend can even utter a word we hear commotion going on around the corner of the building. Of course, I ran over there to see what it was: a huge group of people in a fight. I was in awe because in all my years of going to parties, I had never witnessed something like that. crowd at Connected 2000 Luckily, the police came and broke it up. I was so upset by that fact that I really didn't even want to go into the party. All these "specials" that come on shows like "20/20" or "Extra" that talk about "the dangers of the rave scene"...all we need is for some testosterone-filled, wanna-be gang members coming to a Pleazure party and screwing it all up. The next day I heard from a reliable source that someone actually was stabbed in that fight. I'm not sure if this is true or not but I'm sure it didn't make America's club scene image improve.

After we stood in the "guest list line" (I still can't get over that), we finally entered to catch the beginning of Freaky Flow's set. Unfortunately, I missed Sean O'Hara's set...the only trance dj of the night.

I was highly impressed by Freaky Flow. He has amazing talent...he has a unique style of drum n bass with a bit of a hip hop flavor. This guy has amazing skillz (yes, with a "z") on the tables. He's a true master at anything from mixing to scratching to cutting. I was in awe watching him do his art.

I was also able to catch a bit of T-1000, part of Pure Sonik in Detroit and Tresor in Berlin. My philosophy is: if they're on a label in Germany, they're probably good. I was proved right because T-1000 rocked! Not only did he do incredible, flawless mixing but he also used effects which always makes the music more complex and wonderful.

And of course...the star of the night...Aphrodite. He's such a rock star...I mean, some lucky kid out there got his new 12" for free. And if that wasn't enough, it was autographed by The Man himself. The Connected flier said you can even "taunt your DJ friends with a 12" they can't buy yet." Excitement! Aphrodite became the British Drum n Bass God that everyone knows and loves until the wee hours of the morning. People go crazy for this guy.

Jen and friend And there was an important event that I missed somehow at this party: a wedding. It must have happened when I took my friend out to his car (he's more of a progressive house/trance type of guy...all the jungle was making him uneasy) but the next day on the Lunar Magazine forum I heard that two people were married at the Connected party. I'm not sure how I missed it but I did.

So between the stabbing and the wedding and the good music, Connected gets the award for the most memorable party of the year. Please don't think that the fight that happened had any relation to Pleazure Productions. Pleazure throws some of the best parties in Atlanta and I highly respect them. For more upcoming, incredible Pleazure events, contact: or 770/492.0912.

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