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  Connected 3.13.99
by Greg Dunn

Venue: Club Phenomena - Marietta, GA
Presented by: Pleazure

Greg DunnStanding in the pouring rain with the rest of the ticket holders, I was wondering if Connected would really be worth it. We gradually moved towards the door, hearing the pounding bass coming from the club. The only thing that kept me from taking my soggy self back home was the chance to hear Aphrodite and Richie Hawtin.

Once I got inside, my attitude completely changed. Aphrodite stepped up to the turntables and delivered an incredible set. I was in awe hearing him mix up his usual blend of hip hop and jungle. He had the crowd jumping for more with the "Dopeman" remix, "We be Clubbin'", and of course "Woman who Rolls." By the time I was dry from the rain, I was sweating from dancing so much.

After Aphrodite, I wandered into the third room to here Atlanta's own Flooressence & Freaquinci. These guys kept me up on the dance floor the entire time. The debut of their own track "Centurion" got the crowd in an uproar with its smooth blend of breaks (and, if you're reading this, guys, I still want to get a copy).

Then, I wandered back to the second room to hear Aphrodite's second collection of jump up tracks. It was considerably more crowded, so I just hung out by the bar to take a break. Aphrodite continued to give the masses what they came for. The high note for me was "Bad Ass" — another Aphrodite original.

Next was Richie Hawtin, and all I can say is the man is amazing. I can't wait until he graces us with his presence again.

Overall, I had a great time, but there are a few things I feel I need to mention. One is the firecracker incident which was completely uncalled for. The other was the overcrowding — which wasn't the promoter's fault, but some guy scalping tickets (thanks a lot).

I wish I had been able to check out more of the talent, but obviously I'm only one person. I'd like to say thanks to Pleazure for another remarkable evening at Club Phenomena.

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