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  Chemical Brothers 9.19.99
by Plane

Venue: The Atrium - Stone Mountain, GA
Presented by: C-Rock and Monic Productions

Chemical Brothers fansWow, nice sound and lighting! That's what really caught my attention at The Chemical Brothers show, the nice sound and lighting system. What also caught my attention was how they left the lethargic crowd hanging. Tom and Ed left the stage with their DAT playing, and never came back! We sat around waiting for an encore, but I guess they felt we didn't deserve one! For $27.50, an encore would be nice. But the crowd didn't really seem to be moving, just standing.

Friendly security would be nice also. One of our friends, the owner of a well known record store in Birmingham, was sent back to the end of the line three times, and was felt up by security each time, even though he had a VIP pass. Let's just say he'll never sell tickets for another event at the Atrium. The staff was not too happy about working late on a Sunday night either. At 4am, they were shoving us out the door like cattle. I understand the need for an orderly door and safe party but there is no need for harassment and pushiness.

DJ Dan The other subject of the party I would like to touch on is the DJ line-up. What happened to the huge menu of DJ's on the flier? I was hanging out in both rooms and I do not feel like all of the DJ's spun. I was very happy that our very own, J-Luv, had the opportunity to move up his set due to a promoter screw-up (they left DJ Dan at the hotel). J-Luv rocked the house and deserves props for representing this city with mixing perfection. DJ Dan finally made it to the venue and immediately got on the decks to show to everyone, that Dan is the man. Hold on though, don't get too into those funky beats, because the party is over. That's right, after what seemed to be a little over an hour, security was yelling to the sound guy to shut off the sound. What the hell!

The Chemical Brothers This night does not even deserve the amount letters on this page, but it should be very clear that the Atrium is wack. I suggest that promoters try to stay away from that venue because they seem to have a lack of care for our music and scene. I thought the idea of the party was good and I think the promoters had a challenge for themselves from the beginning, with the fact that the party was on a Sunday night. Lesson learned, I hope. Peace.

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