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  Wizzy Noise Elektro-Theater Candy Flip
Rating: 4 out of 5 Rating: 4 out of 5 Rating: 4 out of 5 Rating: 4 out of 5

by Jason Grimes

"On a nondescript brick wall, outside the abandoned Cineplex, hangs a yellowing poster, its tattered edges trailing in the wind. Rubbing the soot from my mirrorshades with one gloved hand, I grasp the sign's strands to hold the image still, reading only the text Elektro Theater. I frown. I spit, and it rolls into a ball of phlegm and dust by my boots. I vaguely remember this in some fog choked corner of my memory... some corner clean of the steel, murk and halogen of this long, lonely street. I light a cigarette, exhale, and pull open the long rusted doors..."

Wizzy Noise, long time purveyors of psychedelic trance, scuttle along the celluloid raceways strung between planet-sized, slowly rotating projector reels, directing delightful quicksilver noir. While the plots in their vignettes may subtly change from track to track, and from listener to listener, the overriding sense of urgency carries the theme. It's a race against time human, and you, my friend, may be running behind.

With the opening "Radical Payne", the eerie glitz of neon signs over tightly wound passages on the circuit board symmetry of the city box you in. "Officer in danger!" voices shout over static filled radio waves, and as sirens sound, the hunt is on. Sensations of hunter and hunted are viscerally created with a disconcerting lack of prospective for the audience.

"I know I am running. What for? And who is chasing whom?"

This sense of the dramatic sets the release apart from dryer, more chaste genre endeavors, making for music ideal for the mix or the home theater. From a production standpoint, the tracks meticulously meander, moving from scene to scene with the sure handed touch of master craftsmen, and the depth and range of variations is sublime. To single out tracks is impossible, they are all perfect constructions given birth from the digital DNA of the Wizzy Noise studio...

This is the soundtrack to a sci-fi remake of "Touch of Evil" blending shadow and light. This is Blade Runner on a sub-atomic level, careening through fibrous matrices of molecules. This is Elektro Theater an expedition through sonic landscapes so rarely envisioned in psychedelic trance.

Wizzy Noise - Elektro-Theater
Candy Flip

Track Listing:

  1. Radical Payne
  2. Screwheads Remix
  3. Elektro Theater
  4. Paradise Lost
  5. Mental Discipline
  6. Demented Drum part 1
  7. Timeline
  8. Demented Drum part 2
  9. Dreamwave
  10. Outmosphere

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