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  Lee Burridge & Craig Richards Tyrant 2
Rating: 5 out of 5! Rating: 5 out of 5! Rating: 5 out of 5! Rating: 5 out of 5! Rating: 5 out of 5!

by Shannon Petrick

Tired of the same old thing? Lee Burridge and Craig Richards have the remedy with their double-pack Tyrant 2 compilation. It seems apparent that Burridge and Richards have grown tired of the everyday cookie-cutter DJ sets and have decided to spice things up with the Tyrant series.

I was going to review the CDs in my usual format—describing each track separately. That would take way too long with Tyrant 2 though, as each track has so many different elements; it would take a page to list all of its aspects in detail. So I'll try to give you an idea of how amazing these CDs are with the least amount of words possible.

This CD begins very slow and groovy with Tribalation's "Falling Down." Nathan Cole's "Raasbucket" is a perfect example of the many ecclectic elements present in each of the tracks: it weaves the rawness of tribal with deep, heavy basslines and trippy sounds. Confusing, I know, but the outcome is ingenious. Soon, the CD heads in a jazzy direction with "Echo Jazz" by Jefferis Lee. The set picks up a bit with the Idjut Boys' "Energy" and Lee Burridge's own creation, "Lost and Found." My favorite track, DJ Linus' "KB's Groove", is mixed flawlessly into "Lost and Found." It takes the vibe down a notch and integrates a lounge feel—a perfect fit for the Fountainhead Lounge in Atlanta. The next memorable track is Second Hand Satellite's "Orbit 1.3"—really, really amazing. It's a perfect selection to start out a DJ set. The pace picks up with Omni AM's "Beat Dis" and Mark Farina's "Chick N Stew." The set ends with a dreamy, mellow creation called "Love Variations" by Soul Patrol.

This CD already sounds like it's going to have a harder edge right from the beginning with Panoptica's "And L." One of the best tracks in the set is Brett Johnson's "Stucco Homes." Most of the track only consists of a pounding drumbeat and wicked vocals: it's so simple and elementary, but it's brilliant! Listener's will recognize Hush and Chop's "Drummers Down," as it was a favorite of club DJs months ago. The set keeps a hard beat throughout (well, compared to the first one) but brings it down with "Alone" by Orion Music Presents and another great song, "Familamily" by Plantastik.

CD 1 is volatile; it brings the listeners through peaks and valleys. CD 2 is more consistent and steady; the track selections share similar elements.

Tyrant 2 is truly a work of art. For two hours, it leads you through aspects of every genre of electronic music and then some. Most are not the popular, trendy progressive tracks that you hear every DJ playing. Some people who buy Tyrant may think it's too eclectic, but it's really just pushing the boundaries of the music we love.


Tyrant 2 from Tyrant 2
Mixed by Lee Burridge & Craig Richards

No Shoe No Cake:

  1. Falling Down
  2. Raasbucket
  3. Crazed Cello
  4. Echo Jazz
  5. Ebergy (Bass Fresh Mix)
  6. Lost & Found
  7. KB's Groove
  8. Rock
  9. Ashley's War (Dj D Mix)
  10. Multiple Mirrors
  11. Beat Dis
  12. Things Fall Apart
  13. Chick N Stew
  14. Resistance
  15. Hot
  16. Love Variations Pt.1 (Charlie Dark Reconstruction)
Pushing Doors Marked Pull:
  1. And L
  2. Pfhey
  3. Stucco Homes
  4. So Special
  5. Remember Chicago
  6. Day Shuffle
  7. Gravy (Rocky Mountain Remix)
  8. Standby
  9. Spandia
  10. Drummers Dawn
  11. All Tings Dub
  12. Koncussive
  13. 11
  14. Black Moon
  15. Alone
  16. Familamy

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