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  DJ Geoffe Trance Essentials vol. 1
Rating: 1.5 out of 5 Rating: 1.5 out of 5

by Sean Meddel

From the label that brought us Dance Essentials and Progressions Into Trance, UBL Recording have published yet another mixed compilation with some of the biggest—and most caned—tracks of 2001-2002. These CDs serve one purpose for me: to be played in the car where I need every track to be complete floor-destroyers (partially to keep me going, partially to keep traffic flowing). So I rarely judge them on the merits of the DJ, track selection, etc. Once you lower the bar, usually they are pretty decent

Trance Essentials is a bit of a disappointment, even by those standards. It opens with Moby's single, "We Are All Made Of Stars (Tiesto Vocal remix)," off of the lackluster album 18 and kind of trudges along from there. Don't get me started on Moby or 18. Eventually the CD makes its way over to tracks like "Catch," "Tremble" and "Sweet Surrender," which was another Tiesto remix—do you get the idea of the CD yet?

Maybe my copy was bad, but the track division is way off from where the individual songs begin and end, so skipping around on the CD is like playing wheel of fortune, and you're never really sure where it landed. And there are some definite tunes to skip over. The Groove(a)holics remix of "Children" into something that should have never seen the light of day, much less licensed. Ditto for "Sweet Surrender," even if it's Tiesto. Some classics are just that and should not be tampered with.

DJ Geoffe's mixing ability sounds as smooth as anything studio/software can fix up, because while the beats are matched, several mixes definitely do not go together. His previous Dance Essentials vol. 2 was much more enjoyable. Pick that one up instead.


Trance Essentials from Trance Essentials
by DJ Geoffe

Track Listing:

  1. We Are All Made of Stars [DJ Tiesto Full Vocal Remix] - Moby
  2. Clear Blue Water [Original Mix] - Oceanlab
  3. Omnibus [Remix]
  4. Catch [Hiver and Hammer 'Flight Over Hamburg' Remix] - Kosheen
  5. Will I? [Dee Dee Remix] - Ian Van Dahl
  6. Tremble [Riva Remix] - Marc Et Claude
  7. Heaven [Extended Mix] - DJ Sammy
  8. Vision 1 [Original Mix] - Mario Piu
  9. Children 2002 [Remix]
  10. Kathy's Song (Come Lie Next to Me) [Ferry Corsten Remix] - Apoptygma Berzerk
  11. Sweet Surrender [DJ Tiesto Mix] - Sarah McLachlan
  12. Sound of Goodbye [Above and Beyond Vocal Mix] - Perpetuous Dreamer

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