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  Subliminal Sessions 5 - mixed by Erick Morillo
Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Rating: 2.5 out of 5

by Karlyn

Subliminal Sessions 5 ATTENTION ALL SUBLIMINAL FANS!! If you liked Erick Morillo's signature sound on SubSessions 1 and 3, get ready to rejoice... Subliminal Sessions 5 is here! Erick Morillo (co-founder of the Subliminal label, and winner of last year's Pacha Ibiza Award for Best International DJ) delivers his third installment in the Sessions series-only this time the artist formally known as Reel 2 Reel (of "I Like to Move It," fame) decided to bring to his tables a combination of "old skool" classics from the past with the Subliminal sound of the future. I guess you can think of this compilation as a history lesson in the progression of sound. Morillo fills this two-CD mix set with tracks perfect for sipping almond martinis while being seen at the newest "it" lounge, as well as some that just might make those djs who dance break a sweat.

Some noteworthy tracks (both good & bad):

Disc 1—perfect for sipping almond martinis while being seen at the newest "it" lounge.

    Disc one opens with the real sound of disco on Dan Hartman's "Relight My Fire." Now I'm not a fan of disco, but even the other person sitting in the room with me during one listening described the experience as "painful." Robert Owens' smooth and sexy voice in Harry Romero's "I Go Back," idealized the role of music in clubs "back in the day." Tyree's "Acid Crash," introduces a minimal tribal beat and the fury of thunder, but Harry Romero's "Corruption" acappella throughout the first half of the track continued longer than my interest.

    The cd becomes more lively with Monkey Bars' "You Be Want Some Fun." Intermixed with E-Funk's featuring Donica Thorton "Shout" acappella, the topic here is all about getting "high,"... the bpm got noticeably got higher. While keeping a simple beat, I loved the vocals and hand drums on Cloak And Dagger's "The Boat." Seemed like gangster lines in movies from the 1950s.

Disc 2—some tunes that just might make those djs who dance break a sweat.

    On the second CD of the set, "Mr. Subliminal" raises the bpm a notch or two while seemingly paying tribute (whether it be it good or bad) to what many consider a staple of club life: drugs. Leading the pack is Subliminal's 100th release, "Dancin." Morillo and Subliminal co-founders Harry Romero and Jose Nunez, use Jessica Eve (of "Shiny Disco Ball" fame) to narrate the usual story of 'girl can't get in the club to meet boy, girl discovers she's been cheated on by boy, girl exacts some form of revenge in the fact that she is carrying the pills that are wanted by boy.'

    New York diva vocals get a representin' by Murk's "Some Lovin," intermixed with Harrison Crump's "Feelings," acappella. The topic this time around seems to be the joys of smoking the wacky-tobacky before and after a "hard day's work." I laughed, I cried, I never inhaled, I swear! Todd G's "The Only One," features Shawnee Taylor's voice whining "I wanna be your drug...make me your drug," over and over again. This little ditty has pounding drums layered over one another... very seductive, perfect for really shaking one's hips.

    Not every song here is about drugs, however. S.W.A.P. contributes a hard, electro-industrial track in the form of "Rock The House." This fun little tune was definitely my favorite on the compilation. "We love house music, but now, no soul, no [summer?], no disco, but just funk and tons of rock music!" The bass line is pumping, the vocals are deep, and guitar riffs can be heard in the background. Putting a new spin on an old-skool classic, Morillo takes Li'l Louis's "French Kiss," and adds a sparkle of electro with a smash of tribal drums. Shawn Christopher's moans and groans that Li'l Louis made so infamous have somehow been emphasized even more, made to sound more raw - nearly primal. CZR's "Can You Feel It," is a banging, dance-floor friendly track mixing elements of house, electro, funk and Alex Peace's vocals asking listeners whether they can feel the "groove," and literally commands everyone to "...get your asses on the floor!"

    I was unimpressed with the final two songs of the disc. Robbie Rivera's "Liar," felt almost like chick-bashing! The bulk of the track was of Billy Paul saying, "she's a liar." I guess Reese Santiago's contribution of "Rock To The Beat," was somewhat better, though I'm not much for flat, hypnotic female vocals.

All in all, I much preferred disc two. The songs were faster, harder, more body rockin'. Still, I think the overall theme was disorganized.


Subliminal Sessions 5
mixed by Erick Morillo

Disc 1

  1. Relight My Fire - Dan Hartman
  2. Shake Your Body - Jeanette Thomas
  3. Crazy - E Funk
  4. I Go Back - Harry Romero Feat. Robert Owens
  5. Acid Crash - Tyree
  6. the Story Continues - Liíl Louis
  7. Dance - Earth People
  8. You Be Want Some Fun - Monkey Bars
  9. Heartbreaker - E Smoove
  10. the Boat - Cloak and Dagger
  11. Feel This - Robbie Rivera
  12. Giv Me Love - Alcatraz
Disc 2
  1. Dancin - Erick Morillo, Harry Romero & Jose Nunez Ft. Jessica Eve
  2. Rock the House - S.W.A.P
  3. Some Lovin - Murk
  4. Back to Face You - DJ Manny Groove
  5. How You Doiní Eh? - Mr G
  6. French Kiss - Liíl Louis
  7. The Only One - Todd G Feat. Shawnee Taylor
  8. Ritmo - George Morel Feat. Leo Colon
  9. Metropolis - Oliver Lieb Pres. Smoked
  10. Can You Feel It - CZR Feat. Alex Peace
  11. Liar (Dub) - Robbie Rivera Feat. Billy Paul
  12. Rock to the Beat - Reese Santiago

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