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  Subliminal Sessions 4 - SUBLIMINAL vs. SUBUSA - mixed by Jose Nunez & Who Da Funk
Rating: 3 out of 5 Rating: 3 out of 5 Rating: 3 out of 5

by Karlyn

Subliminal Sessions 4The Subliminal Label brings us another installment in the Subliminal Sessions series, this time introducing the newly formed SUBUSA label off-shoot-a collaboration between Who Da Funk and Eric Morillo. Both discs keep an electro-ish theme throughout. While I can't see myself dancing and sweating in a club to any of the selections, I recommend listening to this compilation while chillin' at home, maybe while contemplating how hip you are.

Jose Nunez opens the compilation slowly and without much that grabs one's interest. The blandness seems to continue until track nine, Sebastien Ledger's "Just Back from Hell." The track starts upbeat, becomes minimal, then gains speed again-electro-ish, with male vocals. Track ten, Kobbe and Fabb X's "Abyss", kept my interest with the high snares, tribal drums and smooth, male vocals. By the eleventh track, however, repetitiveness sets back in, and the boring beats continue to the end.

Who Da Funk begins the CD with Bount's "Unplug (Hypno Club Mix)." I have mixed feelings on this one…on the one hand, the female spoken vocals are kind of hypnotic, and on the other hand, you sort of want to slap the bitch. The pulsating beats continue with Steve Mac's "Keep Beating the Drums," as minimal male vocals drive the groove. It is surprising to hear Oscar G and Ralph Falcon's "Dark Beat" included, which seems a bit too last year for such a new album. The rest of the CD is uneventful, until the very last track, Bond Street's take of Depesch Mode's "Personal Jesus." A little bit of the old mixed in with the new blends well with the overall electro tones. I must admit this was not what I expected from Who Da Funk (after hearing "Shiny Disco Balls,"), but I like the versatility the DJs have exhibited.


Subliminal Sessions 4 - SUBLIMINAL vs. SUBUSA
mixed by Jose Nunez & Who Da Funk

Subliminal Disc Mixed by Jose Nunez

  1. Lab Rats "Go Deeper"
  2. DJ Tremendo "Walk, Watch, Drink"
  3. Cassius "Sound of Violence" (David Guetta Remix)
  4. E Funk "Shout"
  5. Piliavin & Zimbardo "Voodoo Juice"
  6. Antoine Clamaran Pres. Supala "Alert"
  7. Thick Dick "Insatiable" (Junior Jack vs. Kid Creme Remix)
  8. We Groove "I Can't Get Enough"
  9. Sebastien Ledger "Just Back From Hell"
  10. 10 Kobbe and Fabb X "Abyss"
  11. Jason Jinx "When You Know You're There"
  12. Josh Wink "Freak" (Mr. G's Freakin Remix)
SubUSA Disc Mixed by Who Da Funk
  1. Bount "Unplug" (Hypno Club Mix)
  2. Steve Mac "Keep Beating the Drums"
  3. Serge Santiago "Impedance"
  4. Punx "The Rock"
  5. Oscar G & Ralph Falcon "Dark Beat"
  6. Vantage Point "Love Like Sleep"
  7. Kobbe & Fabb X "Abyss" (Moore-Morillo Dub)
  8. Rambo "Turn It Up"
  9. Sieg Uieber Die Sonne "I Am Not A Sound" (Josh Wink Remix)
  10. Camel Riders feat. Nkemdi Amadiume "So High"
  11. Bond Street "Personal Jesus"

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