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  Steve Lawler Lights Out
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Rating: 4.5 out of 5

by Shannon Petrick

Here's another one from the King of Tribal.

We all remember the dark, primitive journeys he took us on with Dark Drums, "Rise In" and Nu Breed. Now Steve Lawler takes on a new challenge: making the first CD in the new Global Underground series, Lights Out.

Steve Lawler What's the purpose of this Lights Out series, you say? Take it from the Global Underground chaps themselves:

    Global Underground Lights Out is a dynamic new series about the sleazier side of clubbing, from 4am Bedlam to insane after-hours sessions. It's about those dancefloor moments when a heady combination of sweat, hair-raising music, flesh sliding off flesh and pounding, primal beats drives our instincts to a base level where communication becomes a physical display of sexuality-dance-the secret language of desire and power.
And who better to bring us to that primeval state than Steve Lawler?

The first CD begins with a perfect intro by none other than an artist named Lights Out. After a small breakdown leading in to "Spanish Tales," the trademark tribal drums come in full-force. And it wouldn't be a Steve Lawler CD without the female Spanish vocals! There's no lack of sexy, sultry female and male vocals in this mix.

Lawler brings in the funk with Frank O. Moiraghi & Mr. Mike's "Harlem Shuffle"-listen for the intelligent bassline and poignant vocals. Next he integrates a progressive feel with "Watersong" by Scumfrog, brilliantly utilizing the track as an intermission before bringing in the harder, dynamic "Sunrise" by J & S.

Lucky for us, Steve Lawler showcases his newest creation, "Andante". The drums and vocal samples are amazing, but it's the melody of which I am unsure. Nevertheless, I know a ton of people who absolutely love this track, so it's a matter of personal taste. That leaves you, the reader, to listen and decide for yourself!

The next memorable track is Cevin Fisher's "Let's Get It Together (Somebody)". Cevin incorporates house vocals with a dark melody-a superb demonstration of creativity. In comes (no pun intended) the sexual and erotic track, "Orgasm" by….ahem….Thick Dick. Let's just say that if you and your partner have been anxious to make a romantic home porn video, you've found your background music.

Lawler wraps up the CD with the simplistic "Houze Muzik" by Angelo Kortez featuring Alan T. This is by no means a house song, but an enticing way to transition into the second CD.

And it [2nd CD] starts out with the deepness of Union's "Technological Aspects (Cevin Fisher Beats)" and the fluid movement of Daniel Mode's "Music Pressure." The flow picks up a bit with "The Light" by Pimp-a moving, expansive track. The next notable song is Rhythm Gangsta's "The Crowd Song". As it's name implies, this raw and inventive track is sure to be a dance floor hit. Lawler brings in some German flavor with his next selection, Crossover's "Photograph"; 80's music meets German Top 40 is the only way I can describe this one.

Next he takes a turn for the strange with "Photograph" and delves even deeper with Dirty Waltzer's "By Soul of Man" and Psycho Radio's "In the Underground". Tribal is the sound that you expect from Steve Lawler, so hearing him play this type of music is amusing to say the least. It's refreshing to see a DJ crawl of his niche and dabble in something new; this is an exciting and creative move for Steve Lawler.

He moves back to the dark and driving with Hardon's "Brighton Project". The breakdown on this one is incredible and when the build up intensifies and drums kick back in…well, let's just say that you'll be begging for more.

It doesn't stop there though. Lawler throws some more hard-hitting tribal and Latino vocals with "La Luna (Antoine 909 mix)" by Dr. Kucho & Wally Lopez. He slows down the vibe to end the CD with Duality's "Static" and Canteen's "Everyone (Maurice & Noble's Mix)". It's a rich and intelligent conclusion to a perfectly mixed set.

Steve Lawler has outdone himself once again. This is a perfect addition to your Global Underground collection.

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Lights Out from Global Underground: Lights Out
Mixed by Steve Lawler


  1. Lights Out - Intro. Part 1 Featuring Helena Barber
  2. Shmuel & Baranes - Spanish Tales
  3. SAM-U-L - Generate
  4. Ultra Fine - Kasso
  5. Frank O. Moiraghi & Mr. Mike - Harlem Shuffle
  6. Paranoid Jack - Dirty Fingernails
  7. The Scumfrog - The Watersong
  8. J & S - Sunrise
  9. Steve Lawler - Andante
  10. Swain & Snell - Electro Track
  11. Cevin Fisher - Let's Get It Together (Somebody)
  12. Thick Dick - Orgasm
  13. Angelo Kortez Feat. Alan T. - Houze Muzik
  1. Lights Out - Intro. Part 2 Feat. Vaule
  2. Union - Technological Aspects (Cevin Fisher Beats)
  3. Daniel Mode - Music Pressure
  4. Pimp - The Light (ATT Mix)
  5. John Ciafone - Thunder
  6. Desert - I See The Light (D. Ramirez Bitcrusher Remix)
  7. Rhythm Gangsta - The Crowd Song
  8. Crossover - Photograph
  9. Dirty Waltzer - By Soul Of Man
  10. Psycho Radio - In the Underground
  11. Hardon - Brighton Project
  12. Dr. Kutcho & Wally Lopez - La Luna (Antoine 909 Mix)
  13. Noize Gate - Bang The Drum
  14. Duality - Static
  15. Canteen - Everyone (Maurice & Noble)

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