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  Gene Carbonell Seks Mix 2
by Charles Michael Fulton

We have the busiest international airport in the world. We are right between New York and Chicago. Our economy is bubbling up against the tides of recession. Gene Carbonell runs a little event called Seks Saturday nights at the Chamber.

Atlanta's got a lot going for it. It's a city that swelters during the day and steams at night. It's a city with Southern charm and Northern attitude. It's a city with the charisma of a Georgia debutante and the knowing glance of a cosmopolitan temptress. It's a city that combines the deep, deep feeling of the deep, deep South with the nerve and energy of our Northern brethren.

Gene brings all those emotional states together in his deep, deep danceable mix, which is to be the second released under the Seks moniker. Ask, my friends, and you will receive. But, I warn you, don't stop asking, don't stop probing, don't rest on your heels. Keep moving, running, dancing.

Gene's intro is deep and simple, with a definite tribal bent. It actually reminds me of one of my favorite Stephen King novels, The Dark Tower. What a creepy book, what a creepy intro. Both are worth a second, third, fourth look.

The intro builds through the Moonface mix of Tijuna's "Groove is in the Air" to the booty-moving funk of Nu Breed's "Food for Thought." Definitely a standout track. Now, this is the Dark Alley remix, and whoever these guys are, they've been doing some interesting stuff. If the intro's anything like the Dark Alley mix I have (can't remember the track name), it's a stubborn mix at best. Gene pulls it off without a glance back, and we move deeper....

Deeper into the disorientating groove of the local heroes Red Shift's "This High." Austin Leeds is the man behind the mix, and he has a knack for panning vocals across the L-to-R balance. Word of warning: don't listen to this track while trying to operate a motor vehicle, heavy machinery, or anything that requires you to keep your balance. Of course, you should probably set aside a whole eighty minutes or so and not do a damn thing, just fall beneath Gene's velvet curtain.

Even a bit of West Coast is represented through the well-respected work of house faves Halo + Hipp-e. They turn up the delay in a remix of Silivo Ecomo's "Standing." This track cools the mix of a little, giving the listener a little rest from the driving four-on-the-floor.

And you're going to need it, if you're going to ride this wave to the beach.

Cass and Slide prove the old adage "there's no rest for the wicked" with their ominously titled and elegantly executed track "Glad-I-Ate-Her." But Gene won't rest on their well-developed production skills. He knocks in a dangerously distorted cymbal right as Cass and Slide are techin' out. This cymbal is the harbinger of (If you're gonna feel me) the tribal funkness that (hold on) is (it's Elemental) "Elemental" by the anacronous DCM. This is another standout track, as our man in midtown builds it up.

DCM's aggressive basslines blend seamlessly into "Control of Sound" by Prototype. James Niche provides the remix services on this particular track, and I must say he does quite a masterful job of controlling the sound. I nearly dropped my goddamn drink the first time I heard his pitch-modulating bass hits. This shit should really come with a warning. Somebody could sue. I'm serious.

Our man in Rotterdam, Mr. Lucien Foort, and a fellow named Evolution take us to the top of this mix and the bottom of Florida with a floor filler called "Maminylon." This is it folks, the reason that I go out dancing. This track will get people so out of their heads, they'll forget what kind of car they drive. Shared enjoyment of a track like this is what makes a night, a day, a weekend, a week.

For the cool off, Monsieur Carbonell is offering a refreshing dip into the Ocean Wave mix of Pole Folder's "Apollo Vibes." And might I suggest you take this opportunity to dive in and refresh yourself. Even the best of us will get a little gamy after a workout that intense.

As the spacecraft vibes start to melt away, we meet the Brancaccio + Asher's beat-steady dub of Quirk's "Yebo." This track brings you full circle, from the intensely tribal to the intensely techy. Like the aborigine's 'walkabout’' every good, soul-cleansing journey should bring you full circle.

And then, back to the basics. Gene leaves his listeners, like any good chef, with a simple track to cleanse the palette. The track listing I have lists it as "Random Cool White Label," which cannot be the title of the track, but is an apt description. It has just enough cooling, trancy elements to relax the now-exhausted listener, without stepping into dangerous, big arpeggio territory.

Gene Carbonell has put together a mix as diverse and deep as the city of Atlanta. Pick this one up, sit back, and remind yourself how great it is to live in a city so full of (night) life. Cheers.

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