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  Reid Speed - Resonance
Rating: 4 out of 5 Rating: 4 out of 5 Rating: 4 out of 5 Rating: 4 out of 5

by Jenn Bennett

If you're at all familiar with the drum and bass scene in New York city, you've no doubt heard abut Reid Speed. Making quite an impressive mark on the American scene for five years now, Reid has broken all gender barriers and become one of the most recognizable names around. What has allowed Reid to step to the forefront of a male dominated culture is her amazing dedication (I tell you this girl never sleeps), and the simple fact that she's just damn good. Becoming a resident at almost every weekly in NYC and putting in many hours behind the counter at the US' first and best-known all d&b record shop, Breakbeat Science, have given her an amazing amount of exposure. But what really sets Reid apart from your average DJ is her diversity. Playing all styles of drum and bass and being one of the first DJs to really push 2-step into the American limelight has shown that Miss Speed is a force to be reckoned with.

Her versatility is nicely showcased on her debut CD, Resonance. There are two words that describe this mix best: smooth and eclectic. Starting off with an unreleased gem by the Southeast's own Orion and his production partner, Math, this mix gets underway on the lighter side of drum and bass. Going through the next five or six songs plays like one continuous, melodic track. The mixing is almost unnoticeable and flows as smooth as silk through selections by some of the biggest names in what has become a newer style of more musically minded d&b. The tone of the CD changes with Skeptic's "Tear VIP," which begins a run of properly dark and nasty tracks. This includes one of the highlights of the CD, "Sucker Punch" by Aquasky. But the banging doesn't last for long, as Reid takes us on a journey to the outskirts of drum and bass with some strange tracks that almost sound like trip hop and deep house at times. Then you're quickly reminded that you are still listening to a drum and bass CD.

This is not a mix for people who want dark, evil, devil-conjuring drum and bass from beginning to end. One thing that was really nice about this mix is that it's not one dancefloor smasher after another. Many of the selections are unreleased, and you certainly won't find "Shake Your Body" or "Grimey" in there anywhere. It is evident that Reid compiled these tracks because she loved their flow and musicality, not just because they are recognizable. Definitely a nice start for one of the top ladies of drum and bass. Oh yeah, and don't dwell on the fact that she's female; she's a top-notch DJ above all.

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Resonance from Resonance
Mixed by Reid Speed
Track Listing:

  1. Desolate Plains - Orion and Math
  2. Left of Centre - Mathematics
  3. Reverse Pshychology - Polar
  4. Resistance - Razor & GW2
  5. Mirror - Pieter K
  6. Warp One - Marcus Intalex & ST Files (M.I.S.T.)
  7. Robot Rock - Dune
  8. Tear VIP - Skeptic
  9. Sucker Punch - Aquasky
  10. Rapture - DJ Damage
  11. Bad Dreams - Facs
  12. Hard Times - Sonic & Silver
  13. Mr. Fix It - Ming & FS
  14. The Future - Stratus
  15. Euphoria - Future Prophecies
  16. Satellite's End - Angel Zero
  17. Feel Good - Agent Blk

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