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  Operatica Shine
Rating: 3 out of 5 Rating: 3 out of 5 Rating: 3 out of 5

by Onisha Roman

After the unexpected success of Operatica Volume 1, Lord Vanger was presented with a challenge from the CEO of E-Magine Entertainment: Make #2 as innovative as the first. And that is exactly what he did. Shine is a well-balanced collection, chock-full-o various genres and influences that harmoniously coincide with one another. An album with as much mixture and diversity as this one has a high potential to fail miserably, but Shine somehow manages to come off as playful, moving, and airy.

The most captivating aspect of this creation is how the powerful sirens of the Opera Diva do not overpower the tracks (and vice versa). Instead they appear as though they are singing together, creating a sense of playfulness and breathing life into the digital landscape. Throughout, songs are laced with live instrumentation, vocals are reinterpreted, and culture is infused for a pleasant concept that blends the old with the new. This is definitely a chill CD, as the overall sound leans toward down-tempo. There are, however, a few tracks that are dance floor compatible and would add definite character to any set.

Based on a Persian folk tune, "Kokab" integrates foreign vocals with a progressive tribal sound, creating the perfect conditions for one to get lost in the track and onto the dance floor. Similarly, the limited edition bonus track, "Kokab (Extended Grooveshaman Remix)" is a more tribal, energized version of the original and one of my favorites. Speaking of favorites, tracks 6, "Lost in Someone Else's Dream," and 9, "Passpied," contain an ambient jungle sound. They work beautifully with the foreign vocals and vibe well with the overall essence of the CD, without putting me to sleep.

Despite its style and energy being on the opposite side of where I stand (I almost fell asleep), I cannot deny Shine's innate strength and beauty.

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Shine from Shine
By Operatica

Track Listing:

  1. Solvejg's Song
  2. Mon Amour
  3. Shine
  4. Kobab
  5. Le Crois
  6. Standing
  7. Lost In Someone's Dream
  8. Khodoya
  9. Passpied
  10. Desert Rose
  11. Kokab (Extended Grooveshaman Remix)

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