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  DJ Numinous
by Shannon Petrick

DJ Numinous DJ Numinous is one of those undiscovered talents just waiting to explode. Undiscovered, in the sense that I don't think there are many people out there that realize how good he really is. He's played in many different places with many top-name DJs and he has exceptional skills that you don't see in many Atlanta DJs. The CD I'm about to review came out last year (2000) but he recently made a brand new CD which will be equally wonderful or even better than the last. To recieve his new CD, contact DJ Numinous at the e-mail address below.


  • Real name: Brett Abramson
  • Email Address:
  • Age: 22
  • Single? Married? Dating?: dated the same beautiful, intelligent girl for years — D'arby.
  • Works at: Satellite Records in Atlanta.
  • How long he's been a DJ: 4 years
  • Places he's played: Georgia, Florida, Hawaii
  • Has played with: Josh Wink, Taylor, Christopher Lawrence, John Kelley, DB, Feelgood, Keoki, Omar Santana, Cirrus

The set begins with "Integer" bvy Loveable Rouges, a strange mix of a semi-hard beat and a groovy melody. It meshes well. A vocal slowly builds and builds until you hear his words distinctly: "Body moving...body grooving..." over and over again. Thankfully, the vocal doesn't fade in and out of the song in with the same subtle build-up. The vocal is brought in a creative, different way throughout the track.

Malcolm Rouge's "Submarine" is a good follow-up to "Integer"; very groovy track with those house aspects to it. The vocal in "Submarine" is much more different than in the previous song. The "Submarine" vocal almost reminds me of one of those crazed crack dealers yelling at you as you walk down the street (usually happens in Atlanta at night). Strange, I know.

The mix into Real's "Debbie Does Deptford" is excellent: abrupt put right on target. "Submarine"'s vocal fades nicely into the female vocal of the real track. Synonymous with the title, "Debbie Does Deptford" (parody on the XXX great, "Debbie Does Dallas") is the definitive porn song: soft background drums...deep bass beats. Just when you get in the porn mood, you're suddenly pulled into the next song and the lovely vocals, "future...future...future...future" resonates in the air. Your in the realm of Halo Varga's "Future!". Really excellent mix!

Numinous is successful in combining two songs that I normally think are not playable together. Cooking it up John Digweed-style!

I think everyone knows what "Future!" sounds like. If you're not sure, jump in your car and head to the nearest club. Be patient — you will hear it eventually.

Played out as it is, this is still an amazing song, with it's revolving and high-tech ambience (and the occasional saxophone blare thrown in). Even after hearing it for the hundreth time, I haven't gotten tired of it. You begin to hear the beginning notes of Autonomous Soul's "Our Time" (Peace Division Mix) being subtly brought in. Numinous is taking his set into darker realms. The sounds of "Future!" and "Our Time" play off each other well: the voices "future...future...future...future" and "out time" flawlessly ricochet off each other. "Our Time" is mellow but has the bass gives the song the ultimate feel of a build-up to the end.

Muffled bass for 32 beats, 72 beats of hard bass...and the words, "the beat of a drum" precisely hit their target. And still, the listener can hear the finishing sounds of "Our Time" playing out perfectly and ending exactly as they're supposed to.

Track 6, "Beat of a Drum" (Peace Division Mix) by Freak Project is another favorite of all the DJs. In short: it's played everywhere. But it's moonlight-dance-by-the-fire-tribal aspects are what makes it so alluring. Admist the dark voice repeating, "Beat of a drum," the first distinct sounds of the incredible track, "The Lights" by Future Sound of Lisbon creep in. Once again, the notes combine flawlessly between "Beat of a Drum" and "The Lights." This track is absolutely amazing and Numinous makes it soar to a higher state of perfection by mixing it precisely. The seductive atmosphere of "The Lights" is mesmerizing. And the vocals...they are beautiful.The male voice resonates with echoes and exudes sensuality: "Come on...what are you waiting for? What are you looking for?" The feel is immaculate. Your senses will drown in this one.

The hypnotic voices blend smoothly into the hard incoming beat of Yekuana's "Guardian of Light". This track is on Northface, so you know it's going to be a kicker. Almost two minutes into "Guardian of Light," you can still hear the vocals from "The Lights." Tight mixing.

As expected, the Yekuana track picks up the pace. A very good transformation track from the dark, tribal part of Numinous' set into the faster and more driving part. The breakdown is absolutely beautiful, almost resembling a symphony for one moment, until the heartbeat enters.

Another good mix into Bedrock, "Voices" (Freelance Icebreakers Mix). This track is another well-known one. It's just one more ingenious creation from the minds of Jimmy Van M. and Sean Cusick.

The next mix has to be the most unusual on the CD: from "Voices" into Paul Brtschitsch's "Surftronic". When you first hear it, you might think it's too abrasive. First, you're in a calm, relaxed state, listening to the soothing sounds of "Voices". Then, you start hearing these chaotic, crazy, Jon the Dentist-like sounds coming from the depths of the music. It's like anarchy all of a sudden! Not exactly anarchy; Numinous definitely had the mix under control. The mix isn't perfect but it's intriguing. The more I listen to it, the more I like it.

DJ Numinous The mix into "Surftronic" sets the mood for the rest of the song. It goes from chaotic to calm in a matter of seconds. And then chaotic again. And the calm. And the chaotic again. And then...well, you get the point. Very good track, although it mad me feel like I was schizophrenic after it was all over with.

The next song, "Night Creatures" (M.I.K.E. mix) by Mystic Friends tones down the feel of the set while keeping up the pace. Numinous once again takes a turn for the dark with "Night Creatures'. The song is excellent, the second best on the CD (next to "The Lights"). It is raw and animalistic, appealing to the primal, primordial side of you (it's closer to the surface than you think!)

Just as you've gotten lost in the primitive ambience of "Night Creatures," Numinous quietly pulls you into Sugarglider's "Let Me In" (Cass and Slide mix). This track is constructed beautifully, with a dramatic build-up and driving melody. It's Cass and Slide...what else can I say?!

The dropout in "Sugarglider" falls right into the distinct sounds of "Choose Life" (Trancesetters mix), another one of Humate's mastermind creations. This song pushes and pushes, until you can't just sit and listen anymore — you have to dance! I still can't decide if the the self-help monologue during the breakdown is annoying or inspirational. Oh well, it doesn't matter; I don't have time to decide because the beat quickly drops back in.

Really lovely track, with the "Choose Life" vocals scattered throughout. This is a perfect ending, as all the sounds disappear and the your left with eerie robotic echoes.

This CD is one of the best that I've heard locally. Listening to our local genius play live is even better! So, next time you see "DJ Numinous" on a flyer, drop what your doing and get ready to listen to something amazing.

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