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  Satoshi Tomiie NuBreed 006
Rating: 5 out of 5! Rating: 5 out of 5! Rating: 5 out of 5! Rating: 5 out of 5! Rating: 5 out of 5!

by Sean Meddel

I wish someone had done an interview with the shy Japanese DJ last time he was in Atlanta for Seks, because the latest double-cd offering from Nubreed is a damn good indication of just how good the music was that night last December.

The track selection showcases a regular who's-who of producers in the progressive scene, and the programming and flow of the two discs proves why Nubreed picked Tomiie to follow in the footsteps of Lawler, Howells and Kleinenberg. This is a coveted and worthy recognition, and Tomiie does it deftly. Opening with Stephane K "Numb," and then running through BLH3 "Marscarter," (the Porter remix is excellent!), Moogroove "Deuce (Mara Mix)," and then doing something very fancy with his own treatment of "Hungry" into "Groove Is In The Air." This last mix may have been enhanced through studio editing, but the weaving of the two tracks in and out of each other definitely leaves one hungry for more.

Disc two continues with "Lesser Man" bouncing into Echomen's "Substance." The vocal was natural, ebb and flow of the music... "this is the rhythm of life" indeed. Everything kept my ears perked right from the peak of "Seventh Seal" Jerry Bonham into a personal favorite, "Chilling Moment (Bedrock Vocal Dub)" by Shmuel Flash! Wow! And that's without telling you about the inclusion of Luke Fair's "Let You Know," Hybrid's "Visible Noise," and closing with Max Graham's "Tell You." Whew!

It's only August, but Nubreed 006 will reign comfortably as the Top Mixed CD of 2002 for me. I cannot imagine anything else being released this year to rival this one-hundred-and-fifty-plus minutes of musical tapestry. BUY IT TODAY!


Nubreed 006 from Nubreed 006
by Satoshi Tomiie

Disc 1:

  1. STEPHANE K - Numb
  2. DJ NUKEM - Music Play
  3. LITTLE GREEN MEN - These Are The Beats
  5. SAMSARA - Afterthought
  6. LEXICON AVENUE - From Dusk Till Dawn
  7. MOOGROOVE - Deuce
  8. REMARK - So Pure
  9. KOSHEEN - Hungry
  10. TIJUANA - Groove Is In The Air
  11. JF SEBASTIAN - Burden
  12. NORTH ATLANTIC - Mindfilter
  13. KINGS OF TOMORROW - I Want You
Disc 2:
  1. GRAFFIK - Lesser Man
  2. ECHOMEN - Substance
  3. MEDWAY / SEAN CUSICK - Graffiti
  4. PILIAVIN & ZIMBARDO - Late Night Return
  5. KATS & STYLES - You're My Everything
  6. FIERCE RULING DIVA - You Gotta Believe
  7. LUKE FAIR - Let You Know
  8. HYBRID - Visible Noise
  9. GREED - Strange World
  10. JERRY BONHAM - Seventh Seal
  11. SCHMUEL FLASH - Chilling Moment
  12. MAX GRAHAM - Tell You

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