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  Neidel Crisan 2-19-2002
Rating: 5 out of 5 Rating: 5 out of 5 Rating: 5 out of 5 Rating: 5 out of 5 Rating: 5 out of 5

by Kelly Hubertus

Pursuing the sounds of tribal, deep and west coast house, Neidel Crisan purchased his first pair of Technics in 2000 and began working on his first demo CD released in March of 2000. A popular Atlanta local, Neidel was born in Athens, Georgia and currently holds a residence at the Riviera nightclub. His debut gig was at the Masquerade back in March of 2001. Many of you may recall his performance at Summer Skool later that year where he claimed the title of champion, taking home $200, a mixer and a Wednesday night residency at the club for it's D-Tension night. You may have also seen him at eleven50, Nomenclature Museum, Ten27 and many other popular Atlanta clubs.

His latest release, which was mastered by Brian Mathis, a.k.a. 12" Gangster, is absolutely amazing! It has smooth, gradual transitions and awesome track selection. "Bouncin'", the second track, is a cheerful, mellow house cut that includes slightly mysterious vocals drifting in and out. After playing this CD numerous times, it sounds even better the more you listen to it. Track five, "Parker's Dream" is another favorite that has that jazzy flare, with a sax and xylophone accenting the fabulous house beats. His mix into the sixth track is incredible and flawless. Crisan's signature sound is becoming well known and enjoyed among clubgoers and other local DJs, reflecting San Francisco house in his sets. Being a major house fan, this CD is a definite keeper!

I rate this cd a 5.

Track listing:

  1. The Woolph - "UME2 ME"
  2. BRS - "Bouncin'"
  3. HARDDRIVE2k - "Work This, Like This"
  4. Yann Fontaine - "Open Your Eyes" (David Duriez Mix)
  5. SUMO - "Parker's Dream"
  6. Rob Mello - "Fantasize"
  7. Onionz - "Acid Chantz"
  8. Lawnchair Genreals - "World Part II"
  9. Fries and Bridges - "We're Gonna Make it Hot"
  10. Ginger - "Just Call on Me" (Halo's Dark Ride)
  11. Dizzy - "Tapa Tha World"
  12. Tony Thomas - "Amigos"
  13. J & S Productions - "Besame Mas"
  14. Chorduroy - "Urban Suite"
  15. Watergate - "Lonely Winter"

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