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  Marques Wyatt - Horizons - Om Records
Rating: 3 out of 5 Rating: 3 out of 5 Rating: 3 out of 5

by Kelly Hubertus

    "Horizons! Listen to the rhythm, breathe deep into your soul and illuminate the universe! Paint the rainbow of eternity as it manifests our dreams. Redefine tomorrow by rejoicing in today. Let the celebration ignite the flame of hope surrendering your soul to the music and believe!" —Omega

Truly a journey into where house lives, Marques Wyatt delivers again with his latest release, Horizons, on OM. Demonstrating his classic taste in track selection, Marques has once again compiled a CD that is sure to please both his fans as well as newcomers to his sound.

The journey begins with "You Gotta Believe," an uplifting track that sets the mood. The inspirational vocals could make anyone feel spiritual and believe in miracles. His trademark mixes are strewn throughout the set, including gathered pitches, drawn out beats, and those happy organ sounds we know and love. "Musica," the second track, is a favorite, melding the opening with a Latin flavor and a sexy vocal overlay featuring Barbara Mendes.

Marques' west coast style stands strong, keeping the listener intrigued by his persistent, soulful tracks. The perfect breakdown in the middle of the CD is a refreshing plateau of vocal and hard beat percussion. Marques keeps the body moving with one beat laid over popping congas and bongos through Jon Cutler's mix of E-Man's "Slangin." Beating, heart-like bumps complete this track which transitions into the second half of the mix. The same soulful, deep elements explored in the first half return again, bringing us back into the soothing harmonies and beats of house.

Closing out with "Sun Will Shine" and Louie Vega's "Nos Vida," Marques brings it home. Sensual horns and light percussion complete the Latin house mood and the same feeling that you may find at the end of one of Marques' sets.

The true feeling Marques Wyatt exerts brings out that soul catching emotion that takes us to the next level. Like his aptly titled L.A. weekly club event, this is Deep... Where House Lives.


Marques Wyatt - Horizons
Om Records


  1. Intense & Voices of 6 Ave "You Gotta Believe" (Vocal)
  2. S.O.M. Featuring Barbara Mendes "Musica" (NNY Funked Up Mix)
  3. Kathy Brown "Never Again" (Copyright Classic Mix)
  4. Mark Grant "Girl With U" (Dub)
  5. Walter Jones "GC's Theme"
  6. E-MAN "Slangin" (Jon Cutler Mix)
  7. Los Hermanos "Quetzal"
  8. Antonio Ocasio "Echo Aye"
  9. Sicania Soul "Starlite"
  10. Osunlade featuring Maiya James "Same Thing?"
  11. Ms. Keisha G. "Sun Will Shine" (Mission Control Dub Mix)
  12. Louie Vega presents Anane "Nos Vida" (MAW Mix)

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