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  Louie DeVito NYC Underground Party vol. 5
Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Rating: 2.5 out of 5

by Karlyn

Louie Devito has made a name for himself in the electronic dance music scene with his NYC Underground Party mixes! His trademark is the ability to choose tracks that combine underground credibility and mainstream appeal. Now, he and Bad Boy Joe are back with number five, a two CD set.

The newest volume in Devito's Underground series is filled with tried-and-true interchangeably house-y / trance-y anthems that will have girls singing along to the vocals and will have guys grinding up to the girls. Starting CD 1 in a measured pace with Luz Devina's "In Your Eyes," Devito continues laying out female vocals that truly are reminiscent of nights spent clubbing in NYC. The sound then turns slightly sinister with "Wonderland," by the Psychedelic Waltons, leading to Oscar G and Ralph Falcon's pounding "Dark Beat." Louie maintains the primal pace and finishes the disc with the humorous story of Eddie Amador's "Psycho X Girlfriend."

Part two of the compilation continues the fun with the unexpected DJ Serge remix of "L'Italiano," featuring Angelo Venuto (the only words I could make out had something to do with the Pope and eating spaghetti !). At this point Devito mixes in crossover hits, such as "Take Me Away (Into the Night)" by 4 Strings. A few tracks later he beguiles his listeners with the addictive beats and naughty vocals of Jessica Eve on Who Da Funk's "Shiny Disco Balls," before leading them towards a funky-house vibe. Before listeners can get too set into any sound, Louie jolts them with the hard, pulsating throb of Puretone's "Addicted to Bass." Both CDs conclude with Bad Boy Joe megamixes covering every song heard on the discs.


NYC Underground Party vol. 5 from NYC Underground Party vol. 5
Mixed by Louie DeVito


  1. In Your Eyes - Luz Devina
  2. No One's Gonna Change You - Reina
  3. I Don't Want U - Wide Life
  4. Safe From Harm - Narcotic Thrust
  5. At The End - iio
  6. The Sound Of Goodbye - Perpetous Dreamer
  7. Wonderland - The Psychedelic Waltons
  8. Alright! Strobelight! - Amtr@k Jrny
  9. Dark Beat - Oscar G + Ralph Falcon
  10. The Crowd Song - Rhythm Gangsta
  11. Aftermath - TRB
  12. Goin Thru It - Jonathan Peters
  13. Psycho X Girlfriend - Eddie Amador
  1. L'italiano - DJ Serge (feat. Angelo Venuto)
  2. Alone - Lasgo
  3. Tremble - Marc Et Claude
  4. Take Me Away (Into The Night) - 4 Strings
  5. Walking In The Sky - DJ Encore (feat. Engelina)
  6. Like A Prayer - Madhouse
  7. Trippin - Oris Jay Presents Delsena
  8. Shiny Disco Balls - Who Da Funk (feat. Jessica Eve)
  9. Funk-A-Tron - Robbie Rivera
  10. It Just Won't Do - Tim Deluxe
  11. Addicted To Bass - Puretone
  12. Anyway (Men Are From Mars) - Amber
  13. Willing And Able - Aubrey

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