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  Louie DeVito Dance Factory
Rating: 0.5 out of 5!

by Roberto Torreggiani

I don't know what factory this CD came from, but if I knew, I would send it back. Dance Factory reminds me of left over cheese at a wedding reception: tasteless and lacking consistency. DeVito manages to take a few cuts on the CD that I do like, and make me want to never hear them again (i.e. "Trippin'" by Goldtrix and "Touch Me" by Rui Da Silva). I must have been making a karma payment for having to listen to Dance Factory. DeVito's track selection is poor and programming even worse. Just because you can get the beats matched up, doesn't mean they should be mixed together. Furthermore, the majority of the mixing lasts 64 beats, at best. I don't recommend purchasing or listening to this CD, as it could be hazardous to your musical health. I only give it half a thumb up. I would give him a zero, but you have to give him a little credit for having the balls to put something like this out.


Dance Factory from Dance Factory
Mixed by Louie DeVito

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Will I-Ian Van Dahl
  3. Forever-Dee Dee
  4. Heaven-DJ Sammy and Yanou, featuring Do
  5. Resurrection-PPK
  6. Played A Live-Safri Duo
  7. One Good Reason-Nicole McCloud
  8. Let Me Love You Tonight-Da Buzz
  9. In My Dreams-Tina Ann
  10. When I'm With You-Jinnel
  11. Touch Me-Rui Da Silva
  12. Stand Still-Aubrey
  13. Trippin'-Goldtrix featuring Andrea Brown
  14. Everyday-Kim English
  15. Absolutely Not-Debra Cox
  16. Yes-Amber
  17. Feelin' Me-Kim Sozzi
  18. La La Land-Green Velvet
  19. Lady-Modjo
  20. One More Time-Daft Punk
  21. Dance Factory Super Megamix-Bad Boy Joe

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