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  King Britt presents Scuba Hidden Treasures
Rating: 3 out of 5 Rating: 3 out of 5 Rating: 3 out of 5

by Sterling McGarvey

When asked whether or not I would be interested in reviewing the first of three Scuba albums on OM Records, I believe my answer was something along the lines of "Hell yeah!" or, "Are you freebasing? It's King Britt, man!"

However, upon listening, it feels like an album that's quality sounding, yet has no real standout tracks. It's a cool CD, but it might be too cool for it's own good. Hidden Treasures is sturdy, but not mind-blowing. Unlike a mixed CD, it's simply a disc of Scuba's remix material. The order in which it was put together might either help or hurt your opinion of it.

The first track, "Tress Cun Deo La," has all of the trappings of loungy, deep house. It's a quality track, yet it feels like a background tune. Not bad, but not "whoa," either. "Swell" features the vocals of Scuba partner, Vikter Duplaix. Britt's reworking of 4Hero's "9x9" is light years from the M.I.S.T. remix that has been causing mass brock outs in dnb circles worldwide. Finally, with "Wake Up," we get a track that springs up and jolts the speakers. A dabble of Latin flavor here and there ("Todos Os Desejos") and some shuffly beats (ex: "High Priestess") come together to make up a disc of quality fare. "If I Lost You" is another slightly uptempo winner. The champion track of the album though is Scuba's retooling of I: Cube's "Adore." With its skippy percussion and rolling bassline, this one's got the funk like a fully loaded laundry hamper.

In a nutshell: it's a background disc. You probably won't crank it in your car, but it's something for the 5am wind-down or the cocktail party. With Hidden Treasures being the first of three, it makes one wonder if the next release will be a mixed CD with a controlled flow and progression or another unmixed artists' disc.

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Hidden Treasures from Hidden Treasures
King Britt presents Scuba

Track Listing:

  1. Tress Cun Deo La
  2. Swell (Featuring Vikter Duplaix)
  3. 9X9
  4. Wake Up
  5. Heavenly
  6. High Priestess
  7. Todos Os Desejos
  8. If I Lost You
  9. Adore
  10. Linoleum
  11. I Bet You Never Thought I'd Find You
  12. Flower

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