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  Joey Beltram Form & Control
Rating: 3 out of 5 Rating: 3 out of 5 Rating: 3 out of 5

by Cherish Lloyd

In true form, Joey Beltram's latest mixed CD, Form & Control, starts off with a bang, with a track by TDR titled "Squelch." Next he transports his listeners through a journey of ups and downs. Form and Control, released by Brooklyn Music, is compiled and mixed on the spot without edits, once again proving to Beltram's fans that his turntable skills are impeccable! Joey includes the most current records that are keeping the dancefloors around the globe alive on his latest release. These includes tracks such as "Dynamic" by Jeff Mills, "Bring' In The Funk" by CZR and Ito, and Beltram's own 2002 hit, "Slice," which exhibits his early industrial techno style, with driving beats and minimal female vocals tossed in.

Form & Control includes tracks that are similar in style and flow into one another without question. Does this mean it's boring? Not really, just a difference in skills and style. I personally would have liked to hear a bit more change in the tracks with more highs and lows, as it was a bit monotonous in certain parts, but other than that Beltram receives a thumbs up for having compiled and mixed the CD flawlessly on the spot with no editing whatsoever. If you like the sound of acid techno, with twinges of industrial, funky, and hard driving beats, you'll love this album.


Form & Control from Form & Control
by Joey Beltram

Track Listing:

  1. Squelch
  2. Bringin' the Funk - CZR
  3. New Style [SF Express Remix] - Peter Presta
  4. Rock You, Rock You - Those 2
  5. Slice
  6. Prize - Olav Basoski
  7. Hysterik Conspiration
  8. Get Up - Joey Beltram
  9. Lower
  10. Gig in Cannes [Joey Beltram Remix] - Conga Squad
  11. Feature
  12. When Darkness Falls [Joey Beltram Remix]
  13. Blackmail
  14. Soiree - CZR
  15. Sketched - Joey Beltram
  16. Trachade
  17. Soul Beats - Joey Beltram
  18. Push - Joey Beltram
  19. Dynamic - Jeff Mills
  20. Twisted Samba
  21. Super Drum, Pt. 1-Temaso - Antoine Clamaran
  22. Money - Joey Beltram

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