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  Christian Michael Integral Transitions
by Gene Carbonell

Christian Michael DJing at Goldfinger (Atlanta)Probably one of the most overlooked locals, Christian Michael has more to offer than most other DJ's that I've heard. His music style is unique as well as his method of mixing. Starting the CD off rockin' with the Silent Breed Remix of "Acid Air Raid" by Solar Quest, Christian sets the tone of the CD and prepares the listener for a wicked journey into the harder aspects of trance.

Since the tracks on the CD were not separated, it was difficult for me to keep track of the mixes from one to the next (which is a good thing). Integral Transitions is not a CD to just listen to in your car, it's one to sit down and listen to from start to finish. Both disks are an accurate display of solid programming and mixing that should only be heard while paying close attention to the track selection and overall journey of the compilation. Any sudden ADD episode will get you lost in the mix and you may have difficulty finding your bearings.

From first listen, Integral Transitions caught my attention. I've listened to the compilation a few times, and I catch something different with every listen. If you're into hard trance (or remotely interested), do yourself a favor and seek out this CD.

Track Listing:

  1. Acid Air Raid (Silent Breed Remix) - Solar Quest - Tracid Traxxx
  2. Why Not (Go Acid Mi Nino) - The Acid Authority - VCF
  3. Millennium (Nostradomus Acid Trance Mix) - Calculas - VCR
  4. It Hasn't Got One 2 (D.2B) - We Are Not Telling - Unknown
  5. Base Generator - DJ Arne LII vs. M.I.T.C.H. - Deep Mission
  6. Around Your Space (DJ Scott Project Remix) - Trance-Genic - First
  7. Science of Acid (Classic Acid Mix) - Chris Liberator, Geezer, and DJ Mishka - VCF
  8. Condemned - Equinox - Epidemix
  9. Fair Warning - Weirdo - Tinrib
  10. The Arrival Pt 1 - Traveller - Mindworx
  11. Sexomatic (Sexolectric Mix) - DJ JamX - Chaos
  12. Riddim (Club Mix) - DJ Shah - Session Group
  13. Technotrain - DJ Discover - Universal Prime Breaks
  14. Burn Out (Native Mix) - Cartel - Global Cuts
  15. Fixation - Andy Ling - Hooj Choons
  16. LFH - J. Lindquist, J. Hermansson - Inkfish
  17. Sacred Circles (Quivver Mix) - Pete Lazonby - Hooj Choons
  18. Seven Days and One Week - B.B.E. - Urban
  19. Up In Flames (Bedrock 1) - Satoshi Tomiie - Incredible

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