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  Dave Seaman Global Underground: Melbourne
Rating: 5 out of 5! Rating: 5 out of 5! Rating: 5 out of 5! Rating: 5 out of 5! Rating: 5 out of 5!

by Shannon Petrick

Dave Seaman is ready to conquer the world.

He decided to be a DJ at the age of eight, and created his own mobile disco. His career accelerated when he co-founded DMC/Stress Records and became the first editor of DMC's newsletter. Under his supervision, the newsletter evolved into a magazine you may recognize: Mixmag (the clubland Bible!).

Not only has Dave played at all the major clubs in the world, he's become a prolific and respected producer. His Brothers in Rhythm tracks and remix of Kylie Minogue's "Confide In Me" have forever left their marks on dance music.

Dave Seaman's Melbourne CD is his third Global Underground.

The first CD begins with two slow, yet powerful tracks: Our House's "Solution Wave (Slow Mix)" and Urban Dwellers' "Loverman (Satoshi Tomiie Ambient Mix)," a new release from the incredible Pitch Black label. The two songs are very similar to the ones included on Dave Seaman's Back to Mine CD. A smooth, light mix brings in Jono Fernandez's "Intruder". "Intruder" is brief (2.30 minutes) but it's haunting melody makes it an excellent transition track into Howie B's eastern-influenced "Folk—Making Love On Your Side (Roger Sanchez Mix)." Dave builds the intensity of his mix with the tribal drums, guitars and Middle-Eastern vocals of Howie B's track. It's a cultural explosion of music. An excellent mix pulls in James Holden's "One 4 You (Avus A Cappella)". The Eastern vocals continue into Holden's track, and since it's an a cappella, it's not clear whether the vocals belong to Howie B's song or Holden's song. This is what true mixing should be: blurring the lines between artists' creations.

The next notable track is "Mindstake" [Artist Unknown]. The piano melody is similar to the theme song from the film, "Eyes Wide Shut". Seaman includes "Spanker", the new track from two of the most prolific and visionary producers out there: Cass and Slide. "Spanker" is an amazing production with its continuous crescendos and bass guitar riffs. Dave mixes Guy Gerber & Sahar Z.'s creative "Kenny's Back" into the new, highly-acclaimed Orbital track, "Illuminated (Medicine Remix)". Orbital fans will be pleased with this new tune. Seaman saves the best for last when he brings in Slacker's "Looky Thing". What a track! A groovy melody sets the tone and comes the xylophone!! Yes, it's true: Slacker uses a xylophone. Don't be frightened though; you'll have this one on repeat in your CD player for hours. Hands down, my favorite track on the album.

Melbourne's second disc continues with FC Kahuna's "Glitterball" on a house vibe. Dave mixes into "Legacy (Synthesia dub mix)" by Infusion with vocals reminiscent of Underworld. He brings in a darker, more progressive feel to his mix with Sean Cusick's "Consider the Ravens" and "Kingdom High" by Natious. A smooth mix leads the listener into the more vocal/house portion of the CD, starting with T-empo's "Fouk (Maurice & Noble Remix)". If you have the Sandra Collins Cream CD, you'll recognize this track. Seaman leads into breakbeat with the distinguished Lo-Steps "Roots". It has a kicking bassline with eerie male vocals - a sure dance floor hit. More vocals come in with the breakbeat track, "Clear". And all those devoted fans to Lamb's "Gorecki" (featured on Seaman's Back to Mine CD) will be happy to discover that a new Lamb song ("What Sound-Tom Middleton Mix") is included on this CD. Dave ends his CD beautifully with Frakkar's "Slide".

Get to the point: should you buy this CD or not?

Aside from the memorable Back to Mine mix, the Global Underground Melbourne CD is his greatest creation to date. The first CD is dark and driving-uncommon for Seaman. The second CD has enduring progressive and house vibes. Depending on your mood, you can pop in either CD and hear something completely different. This Global Underground showcases Seaman's undeniable mixing skills. This is an essential CD for your collection.

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Global Underground: Melbourne from Global Underground: Melbourne
Mixed by Dave Seaman


  1. Our House - Solution Wave (Slow Mix)
  2. Urban Dwellers - Loverman (Satoshi Tomiie Ambient Mix)
  3. Jono Fernandez - Intruder
  4. Howie B - Making Love On Your Side (S-Man's Gypsy Mix)
  5. James Holden - One 4 You (Avus' one for the DJs Squelchapella)
  6. Digital Mind Control - Mindstake
  7. Ming Moods vol. 1 - Haunting Theme
  8. Flash Brothers - Sarcasm
  9. Cass & Slide - Mind Rewind
  10. Nu Breed presents Dirty 4S - "Depth"
  11. Guy Gerber & Sahar Z. - Kenny's Back
  12. Orbital - Illuminated (Medicine Remix)
  13. Slacker - Looky Thing
  1. FC Kahuna - Glitterball
  2. Infusion - Legacy (Synthesia Dub Mix)
  3. Hamel - Close (Evolution Remix)
  4. Sean Cusick - Consider the Ravens
  5. Natious - Magic Dust
  6. T-empo - Fouk (Maurice & Noble Remix)
  7. Infusion - Starwater (Chiken Lips Remix)
  8. Pin Drop - Corporate Entertainment
  9. Lo-Steps feat. Lior Attar - Roots
  10. Ashland - Clear
  11. Lamb - What Sound (Tom Middleton Deep Step Mix)
  12. Frakkar - Slide

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