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  Fez Dispenser Fez Dispenser
Rating: 3 out of 5 Rating: 3 out of 5 Rating: 3 out of 5

by Chanté LaGon

Say what? Abstract post hip-hop? Although the lack of a set formula could very well classify this self-titled debut as abstract, hip-hop it is not. Fez Dispenser is doling out acid jazz with inklings of the electronic music we know, along with full servings of "modern music" your parents would enjoy.

The brainchild of California-based producer Matt A. Thorne, Fez Dispenser's opening track, "Thank You Would Have Done Nicely," as well as "Castillian Fennel Dub," are the ones people who love and respect electronic music will identify with most. "And Fade" would make a nice opening for a vocal trance or drum and bass track.

Sometimes, though, the songs have lots going on without any clear direction. "Smoothin'" is one such track. In other places, innovation slips into cliché and utter noise, as with "That's Not Acid Jazz" and the title track.

Outside of that, there's little that I found completely unforgivable—or impressive. If anything, Fez Dispenser is different. This is the kind of CD you put on to consider how your music taste has matured and evolved, or if you're really into sound manipulation and unusual instrument pairings and samples. Whether it's on regular rotation, however, is another note altogether


Fez Dispenser Fez Dispenser
by Fez Dispenser

Track Listing:

  1. Thank You Would Have Done Nicely 3:24
  2. Castillian Fennel Dub 3:33
  3. Smoothin’ 3:48
  4. Yet Again 4:35
  5. BB Gat 5:05
  6. That’s Not Acid Jazz 3:04
  7. Grease Slick 3:26
  8. Fez Dispenser 3:45
  9. He Speaks 2:41
  10. Lake Placidyl 5:59
  11. Lucky 14 3:45
  12. Everything Works 3:08
  13. Watch For Falling Doors 5:24
  14. Really I Do 3:38
  15. And Fade 4:26

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