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  Disco D A Night at the Booty Bar
Rating: 4 out of 5 Rating: 4 out of 5 Rating: 4 out of 5 Rating: 4 out of 5

by Sterling McGarvey

Just when you thought you would never have to hear "Ass n' Titties" ever again, along comes Disco D to a) show that ghetto tech isn't dead and b) make you say awwwww shit--either as a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you feel about the sound. For the uninitiated, ghetto tech is a hodgepodge of Florida booty shake (think Luke/2 Live Crew and Splack Pack), sped-up Detroit techno, quick mixes and cutting with all of the charm and ambience of a hole-in-the-wall strip club. It's a BYOB(rown)B party on wax. Rising from the ashes of his former label GTI Recordings, the 21 year-old former Detroiter-turned New Yorker has launched Booty Bar, a flagship label/club night centered on the sound. It wouldn't be a properly definitive ghetto tech mix without being a 30-track deluge of ass, titties, blunts, and blow jobs all blended together at breakneck speed.

Of course, D delivers nearly 58 minutes of tracks guaranteed to offend right-wing talk show hosts, die-hard feminists, uptight sorority girls and your parents all at once. If anyone can survive the onslaught of track 6, they might be able to hang for the rest of the album. What makes the CD so distinctive from its booty-obsessed predecessors (DJ Funk's Booty House Anthems and DJ Assault's Off tha Chain for Y2K, e.g.) is both its major label backing (Tommy Boy has more pull than the indie labels of the past), and tracks like "Fuck Me on the Dance Floor," featuring gutter-mouthed electro stalwart Princess Superstar. Between Superstar's appearance and "Keys to the Whip," featuring Avenue D's Lola Damone, Disco appears to be bridging the gap between ghetto tech (many had already eulogized it) and the still-hot sounds of the electro scene. Somewhere between the talk about getting head and the chunky beats lies a melding of sounds. It's a marriage made in hell as a rejuvenation of sorts for the booty beats and another branching out for electro, which many say has beaten the dead horse of new wave into a pulp. Listening to some of the tracks in the mix makes one honestly wonder why no one else thought it would be a good idea to merge the two sooner.

In spite of the frank obscenity of the tracks, they're catchier than crabs on Ponce (or whatever boulevard your city's streetwalkers roam down). Most likely, during the proceeds of listening to the CD, you will end up singing along with something, be it "Puff Puff Pass," the obnoxiously funny "Peon," or "You Need Another Drink." Don't pop it in during a first date. Don't leave it in the CD player when your parents are over visiting. It's not a CD designed for a romantic evening by the fire, but it is a party in a jewel case.


Disco D - A Night at the Booty Bar
Booty Bar

Track Listing:

  1. Intro/Dem Tatas - DJ Deeon
  2. F*** Me On The Dance Floor - Disco D feat. Princess Superstar
  3. Wait A Minute - DJ Nasty
  4. Sydetrak - Erotek
  5. Lola Damone Freestyle - Lola Damone
  6. Gimme Head - DJ Deeon
  7. I'm A Ho - Disco D
  8. Get The F*** Up - Waxmaster
  9. Booty Bar Anthem - Disco D
  10. Peon - Disco D
  11. Hydraulic Syte - DJ Nasty
  12. Peace Out - Technician
  13. I Can Make You Out - Solace Freestyle
  14. You Need Another Drink - Disco D
  15. Pump Push Pull - DJ Nehpets
  16. F*** Me Freak Me - DJ Profit
  17. Hottest Of The Hot (Disco D Remix) - B.G.
  18. Suck It - DJ Deeon
  19. DJs Pay It Down - DJ Nehpets
  20. I Wanna Slut - DJ Fatman
  21. Make Them B-T-H-S - DJ Skip
  22. Ass-N-Titties - DJ Assault
  23. P**sy (Disco D Remix) - Lords Of Acid
  24. Detroit Zoo - Disco D
  25. Puff Puff Pass (Remix) - DJ Nasty
  26. Work Them Beats - Helluva Freestyle
  27. Pushin' Dik - DJ Deeon
  28. Keys To The Whip - Disco D
  29. Keys To The Whip (Straight Pimpin' Mix) - Disco D
  30. Outro - Disco D

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