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  DJ Dara Further
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Rating: 4.5 out of 5

by Jenn Bennett

If you know anything at all about drum and bass, you will immediately recognize the name Dara. As a co-owner of NYC's all drum and bass record store, Breakbeat Science, a talented producer and a DJ, Dara has become synonymous with American dnb. Touring extensively with the Planet of the Drums project alongside fellow American bad boys, Dieselboy and AK1200, has taken him to new levels of underground fame.

Dara has always been known for bringing the dnb sound rough, heavy and fast, staying true to its dark spirit, and never sugarcoating it for the masses. Further definitely sticks with the characteristic Dara sound. Upon hearing the first track, "Curtains," by veteran DJ and producer, SS, you may think you're going to be let off easy this time. But never fear, six minutes in, you hear the darkness creep in. Dara grabs you by the collar and says, "You thought I was gonna be sweet? Oh no, think again." The stellar track, "Twisted City," by Dom & Keaton begins your adventure through the dimly lit regions of true drum and bass. Very well executed mixes follow that take you into tracks by artists like Agent Babylon, A-Sides and Sonic.

The mixing on Further is flawless and quite creative. The transition from Ascend & Ultravibe's "What Kind of World" into Rascal & Klone's "Galactic Jam" uses the latter's quick and bubbly samples to make the mix work noticeably well. Throughout "Galactic Jam" we are repeatedly teased with Total Science's dancefloor smasher, "Squash." A recurring theme of hardcore style pianos and stabs is apparent throughout the mix, such as in the beginning of "Thunderball" by Moving Fusion. This theme works very well and helps solidify the flow of the mix.

Further is a definite recommendation for the drum and bass purist who likes their music hard and dark. But at the same time, this CD could also serve as a proper introduction for the newbie just discovering the sound. The track selection is fresh, and the mixing is in the typical, flawless Dara style. A very good CD overall and a noticeable progression in Dara's mix CD catalog.


Further from Further
Track Listing:

  1. DJ SS- "Curtains"
  2. Dom & Keaton- "Twisted City"
  3. Agent Babylon- "Desert Planet"
  4. A-Sides & Randall- "Turn it Loose"
  5. JB- "Vizion"
  6. Universal Project -"Streetlife"
  7. Universal Project- "Jackhammer"
  8. Sonic- "Even When it Rains"
  9. DJ Ink- "Mirage"
  10. Ascend & Ultravibe- "What Kind of World"
  11. Rascal & Klone- "Galactic Jam"
  12. Total Science- "Squash"
  13. Specimen A- "Armed and Dangerous"
  14. Moving Fusion- "Thunderball"
  15. John B- "Five Times in One Night"
  16. Hi Contrast- "Global Love"

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