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  John Creamer & Stephane K. Bedrock: Compiled and Mixed
Rating: 4 out of 5 Rating: 4 out of 5 Rating: 4 out of 5 Rating: 4 out of 5

by Shannon Petrick

Feel the darkness looming? John Creamer and Stephane K. are back again. The princes of dark music and twisted vocals have just released a mixed album, Bedrock: Compiled and Mixed by John Creamer and Stephane K. This duo has produced some of the best tracks of the past couple of years with "I Love You," "I Wish You Were Here," and even won the 2001 Muzik award for best remix (Kosheen's "Hide U".) Yeah, yeah…so they're great producers. But can these guys spin? Let's find out.

Creamer and K. begin CD 1 with the ever-wonderful Peace Division, and their track, "The Voice (Main Mix)." It goes without saying that this is a brilliant track, with the signature Peace Division drums and sultry vocals. More vocals are added with Sholan's "Sholan Can You Feel (Sono Remix)," however this one is a little too cheesy for me; the music hits the spot, but the vocals are an overload. Soon comes "Jungle of the Mirror (The Scumfrog Remix)" by Milo. Wow. In an interview with Steve Lawler a few months ago, he told me one of his favorite producers is The Scumfrog. He wasn't kidding! Everything I've heard from this guy has exceeded my expectations. Watch and listen for The Scumfrog, readers. "Jungle of the Mirror" is haphazardly mixed into one of my favorite tracks to be released of late: "Fuck Sonnet (Main Mix)" by John Creamer and Quick. The music rocks but the vocals are even better. Absolutely hilarious. It's not often a dance track makes you laugh. Creamer and K. lead the listener into the darkness with "Deep Into the Night (Main Mix)" by Rivera & Trainer, "Do You See Me (Original Mix)" by Peace Division and "Grace (Main Mix)" by Dan K. The driving music continues on until the end of the disc.

Creamer and K. carry on the beats on CD 2 with the excellent, hard-hitting 4 Toasters track, "Real World Pt. 2." You know a CD's going to take you places when it starts out with pounding, tribal-like drums like these. The boys lead us into their signature dark style with Seven's "Against the Grain (Hard Dub)." This one's absolutely brilliant, with great vocals and caustic drums that carry throughout the remainder of the song. The ingenious G-Pal brings us another excellent creation with, "Ocean of Blue," which is sure to become a classic, both for the progressive and trance-minded clubbers. The delicate, whispering vocals of "Ocean of Blue" blissfully linger until the annoying, "Supernatural" (Mousse T. Dub)," by Kim English comes in. I have to skip ahead when this song comes on, as the endless "Puts me in a trance" vocals are irritating, to say the least. "Marscarter (Vocal Mix)," by BLH3 featuring 80, flows in almost seamlessly and is, in my opinion, the best track on the album. I can't pinpoint anything different or revolutionary about it, but the vocals are perfect—this girl has an uncanny resonance to her voice. That, and the groovy music, makes for a beautiful combination. Every time I hear it, it makes me want to dance. Excellent club selection.

Creamer and K. minimalize their set with some techno/tribal selections such as, Kanesha's "Fitalic" and Simplicity's "Patterns." Adding a little twist, the boys decide not to end their CDs in the usual, formatted way. They throw in Tenaglia's "Hambone Wow" to add a little spice. You're left feeling cheery and dancing when the last beat fades into silence. Ok, so the mixing is a little shaky and unbalanced. But if you're a fan of the opaque, driving style of Creamer and K., you'll be delirious with joy over these sounds. I know I am.

Bedrock: Compiled and Mixed from Bedrock: Compiled and Mixed
by John Creamer & Stephane K.

Disc 1:

  1. The Voice (Main Mix) - Peace Division
  2. Sholan Can You Feel (Sono Remix) - Sholan
  3. Sos EP - Fafa Monteco
  4. Jungle Of Mirror (The Scumfrog Mix) - Milo
  5. Fuck Sonnet (Main Mix - Creamer & Quick
  6. Deep Into The Night (Main Mix) - Rivera & Trainer
  7. Do You See Me (Original Mix) - Peace Division
  8. Grace (Main Mix) - Dan K
  9. Distinct Project (Extra More Mix) - Vizo
  10. From The Underground - MV
  11. Pleasure - Duncan Ross & Gaetan
Disc 2:
  1. Real World Pt. 2 - 4 Toasters
  2. Seven (Hard Dub) - Against The Grain
  3. Ocean of Blue - G. Pal
  4. With Or Without You (Vocal Mix) - Powerplant Feat. Machineries Of Heaven
  5. Supernatural (Mousse T Dub) - Kim English
  6. Marscarter (Vocal Mix) - BLH3 Feat. 80
  7. Secrets - DJ Nukem Feat. Jaimie Wong-Li
  8. Mas Suave (Main) - Dogma
  9. Kanesha - Fitalic
  10. Simplicity - Patterns
  11. Hambone Wow - Danny Tenaglia

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