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  Chateau Flight Remixent
Rating: 3 out of 5 Rating: 3 out of 5 Rating: 3 out of 5

by Shannon Petrick

Occasionally, as an electronic music fan, you want to take a break from the everyday, run-of-the-mill club music. You want something that balances on the lines of electronic and vocal styles. In the past, you've probably listened to Portishead or Morcheeba to satisfy these desires. Now you have another option: Chateau Flight. Chateau Flight gives you more than this, however, by combining musical elements from all over the world.

Chateau Flight, consisting of members Nicolas Chaix (I:Cube) and Gilbert Cohen (DJ Gilb'r) have been remixing other artists' works since 1996, when they remixed Pierre Henry's "Too Fortiche." Now they are releasing an unmixed compilation of these works over the past eight years aptly titled, Remixent.

    1. Pavel Kostiuk - "Brand New Day" (Chateau Flight Rmx.): This is a happy, cheerful track with a muted drum and bass line and jazzy piano melodies. If you like Morcheeba, you'll dig this selection.

    2. Psycho On Da Bus - "Take A Rest" (Chateau Flight Rmx.): 70s disco funkiness. It has a bizarre vocal that doesn't seem to go with the music. The best part of the track is the groovy house beat that comes in halfway through the song. The flute is a nice touch.

    3. Serge Gainsbourg - "Lola Rastaquouere" (Chateau Flight Rmx.): This is a good one. The male vocal is speaking in French and it creates a very sensual atmosphere. The only shaky part of the track is the background Jamaican female vocals. It's a strange combination but, in an odd way, it blends nicely. At the 3-minute mark, the track really begins to get good. Pure electronic bliss from there on out.

    4. Seiji - "Second Nature" (Chateau Flight Rmx.): This begins with an old foreign film femme fatale theme song. Listen to this on a Sunday while drinking cocktails. It's subdued funkiness and floating melodies make it a perfect lounge song.

    5. Femi Ruti - "Beng, Beng, Beng" (Chateau Flight Rmx.): Good drum and bass rhythm. The vocals are annoying, but the kicking drum line makes up for its shortcomings.

    6. Bebel Gilberto - "August Day Song" (Chateau Flight Rmx.): A really nice tune. The vocals are dainty and pretty, while the music gives the song a harder edge.

    7. Air - "J'ai Dormi Sous L'eau" (Chateau Flight Rmx.): For those of you that don't know, the title is, "I Slept Under Water" (thank you, 4 years of French). I was really excited to hear that there was an Air remix on here. Who doesn't like Air? "J'ai Dormi Sous L'eau" is very hypnotic and floating. It pulled me into sleep—I felt like I was listening to a lullaby. It's definitely the best remix on the CD.

    8. Atjazz - "It's Complete" (Chateau Flight Rmx.): This is also a great song. It is very imaginative and really beautiful. Buy this CD if for no other reason than to listen to "J'ai Dormi Sous L'eau" and "It's Complete." A very powerful creation.

    9. Joakim Lone Octet - "Reve 1" (Chateau Flight Rmx.): If I had a horrible nightmare, this would be the theme song. Not because it's bad—the music is just eerie and frenzied. Drum and bass fans will like this one. Just don't listen to it in a dark room.

    10. Brandy - "Ritual" (Chateau Flight Rmx.): No, it's not that Brandy. I think this song was recorded during a Haitian Voodoo ritual; that is, until the electronic sounds appear. Not a bad track—it carries and nice beat and melody.

    11. Manu Dibango - "Soul Fiesta" (Chateau Flight Rmx.): This song actually caught my attention until the unnecessary, cheesy electric guitar came in. Other than that, it's a groovy blend of tribal drums and erratic melodies.

    12. P'Taah - "Flyin' High" (Chateau Flight Rmx.): 86 the vocals and this could be a nice tune. It could easily blend into the Nick Warren or Dave Seaman Back To Mine CDs.

    13. Peace Orchestra - "Who Am I" (Chateau Flight Rmx.): "Who Am I" begins nicely, but in comes a pointless loop that seems like it will never end. At times, this track is too cluttered. Simplicity is a great thing.

    14. Pierre Henry - "Too Fortiche" (Chateau Flight Rmx.): It's a lounge song on speed! This was Chateau Flight's first project. If you like things fast-paced, you'll enjoy this one.

For the type of music they remix, Chateau Flight are on top of their game. So open your mind and expand your horizons beyond your Global Underground restricted world—pick up Chateau Flight's Remixent.


Remixent from Remixent
by Chateau Flight

Track Listing:

  1. Brand New Day - Pavel Kostiuk
  2. Time to Take a Rest Suite-Part I - Psyco On Da Bus
  3. Lola Rastaquouere - Serge Gainsbourg
  4. Second Nature - Seiji
  5. Beng, Beng, Beng (Chateau Flight Remix) - Femi Kuti
  6. August Day Song - Bebel Gilberto
  7. J'Ai Dormi Sous L' Eau (Chateau Flight) - Air
  8. It's Complete (Chateau Flight Darkside Mix) - Atjazz
  9. Reve 1 - Joakim Lone Octet
  10. The Ritual (Chateau Flight Remix) - Brandy
  11. Soul Fiesta - Manu Dibango
  12. Flying High - P'taah
  13. Who Am I - Peace Orchestra
  14. Too Fortiche - Pierre Henry
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