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  Bailey Soul Thunder
Rating: 3 out of 5 Rating: 3 out of 5 Rating: 3 out of 5

by Jenn Bennett

What is Soul Thunder? Hmmm... well it could be a term to describe something which is beautiful yet dark, deep yet powerful. This is the idea that seems to be the basis of Breakbeat Science's new release, but isn't quite translated the entire way through. Bailey is an amazing DJ, there's no two ways about that. He's been putting his hands to the wax for nearly twenty years now and has a first rate reputation around the globe. Amazingly, Bailey holds coveted residencies with Metalheadz and London's weekly, Swerve, yet he does not produce. How rare is that? It takes a lot of skill to be regarded as one of the best in the world without having your name on any releases.

The problem I face now is do I review the DJ or the CD? Well, the CD of course. Bailey's live performances are high energy breakbeat massacres that leave the crowd in a frenzy. This mix, on the other hand, well... let's see. It's not a bad mix in any way; it just isn't what we are used to from Bailey. This being his first studio mix release, we'll try to remember that he's not in his usual element here—no crowd to feed off of, no smiles and lighters held high in the air to let him know when the mix is at a high point.

Soul Thunder starts off on the soulful side. Selections from Sonic & Silver, Dylan, and Danny C are probably a bit lighter than what Bailey's hardcore fans are used to hearing. Thankfully, the "thunder" enters soon. Another track from Sonic & Silver turns the mood to a darker element-- not quite devil worshipping nastiness yet, but we're getting closer. This nears the section of the mix that seems to lag. As you are preparing for further dark vibes, along come DJ Hazard's "Subconscious" and Dylan's "Freak." Not necessarily bad tunes, but when the mix seems to be turning into a proper drum and bass free-for-all, these two just don't suffice.

With the last third of Bailey's mix comes its redemption time. Starting off with Concord Dawn's epic crowd pleaser, "Morning Light," we are finally headed in the right direction. Future Prophecies' "Stalker" takes us even deeper into the heart of drum and bass, although the mix between these two tracks does seem a bit awkward. The highly Dillinja-esque, "Biters," comes in as bassheavy and vicious as the samples used in it. Next up is Alpha Omega's "Don't Believe It." With an old school reminiscent mash-up of crazy drum patterns and familiar Flava Flav sample, "Don't Believe It," is a bit of a surprise, but a good one. Not many people are still making or playing music this raw, and it is nice to hear something a little off the mainstream.

Overall, Soul Thunder isn't a bad mix, but it's not what is expected from someone who's live performances are so highly regarded. My advice—go see Bailey live, he is amazing. If you have never heard him in person, you may enjoy this mix more than the people who have been lucky enough to experience his live sounds.


Soul Thunder from Soul Thunder
Track Listing:

  1. Sonic & Silver - Prelude
  2. Dylan - Special Love
  3. Danny C - The Mexican
  4. High Contrast - Return of Forever (Klute Remix)
  5. Sonic & Silver - On The Anson
  6. Breakage - Dubclef
  7. JL - Dust (Total Science Remix)
  8. DJ Hazard - Subconscious
  9. Dylan - Freak
  10. Concord Dawn - Morning Light
  11. Future Prophecies - Stalker
  12. Dom & Roland - Moulin Rouge
  13. Cujo - Biters
  14. Alpha Omega - Don't Believe It
  15. Lemon D - Give it to 'Em
  16. Miracle - Shadow Warrior
  17. Mechanizm - Captain Howdy

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