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  Blade 2 Soundtrack
Rating: 4 out of 5 Rating: 4 out of 5 Rating: 4 out of 5 Rating: 4 out of 5

by Norman Mayers

In concept alone, the soundtrack for the film, Blade 2, scores high points. It combines some of today's best hip-hop artists with some of today's most respected electronic music producers. The result is a soundtrack that is incredibly innovative and creative. Rather than recycle tired hip-hop/electronica clichés, the collaborators opt for something fresh and new. In many ways the Blade 2 Soundtrack is quite brilliant and inspired. The tracks cannot be classified as your average hip-hop or electronic tracks, but rather a strange amalgamation of the two genres. This CD is a bizarre hybrid of sounds spurred on by top notch MCs such as Eve, Mos Def, Redman, Busta Rhymes and Bubba Sparxx, and by high profile electronic producers and DJs like Roni Size, Paul Oakenfold, Fatboy Slim and Moby. Needless to say, this is no average soundtrack.

After my first listen to the CD, I was unsure of what I was hearing. It was not until about the third time through that I began to appreciate what was being done. These guys are breaking new ground. Standout tracks like Eve and Fatboy Slim's "Cowboy" and Trina, Rah-Digga and Groove Armada's "Gangsta Queens" are incredibly fresh, combining elements of hip-hop, reggae and funk into intricate ghetto anthems. Both Moby and Paul Oakenfold come surprisingly hard for their collaborations with Mystikal and Ice Cube, respectively. Moby transforms Mystikal into a 21st century James Brown on the aptly titled "Getting Aggressive," with some heavy acid lines and snares. Oakenfold brings enough funk on "Right Here, Right Now" to please the most jaded hip hop head. Another standout track is Mos Def's cut with Massive Attack, "I Against I." Def's sublime flow fits seamlessly with the moody trip-hop track while effortlessly conveying the mood of the actual film. My personal favorite track is by Redman and Gorillaz. Who else would you pick to rhyme over an animated group other than the living cartoon that is Redman? The track is basically a remix of Gorillaz' second single with Redman on top of it, but it is executed with incredible wit and humor and stands as an example of the experimentation seen on this CD.

Not all of the tracks are successful however. The most notable example would be BT's track with the Roots. BT's big beat track overpowers the Roots' low-key funk, and the track just falls flat. Other than that I would definitely recommend the Blade 2 Soundtrack to fans of interesting music. This CD may not please hip-hop or electronic purists, but for those of us who appreciate experimentation in music, this CD is a definite winner.


Blade 2 Soundtrack from Blade 2 Soundtrack
Track Listing:

  1. Blade (theme from Blade) - Marco Beltrami & Danny Saber
  2. Cowboy - Eve & Fatboy Slim
  3. I Against I - Mos Def & Massive Attack
  4. Right Here, Right Now - Ice Cube & Paul Oakenfold
  5. Tao of the Machine - The Roots & BT
  6. Child of the Wild West - Cypress Hill & Roni Size
  7. The One - Busta Rhymes / Silkk The Shocker & Dub Pistols
  8. We Be Like This - Fabolous / Jadakiss & Danny Saber
  9. Gorillaz On My Mind - Redman & Gorillaz
  10. Gangsta Queens - Trina / Rah-Digga & Groove Armada
  11. PHDream - Bubba Sparxxx & The Crystal Method
  12. Raised in the Hood - Volume 10 & Roni Size
  13. Gettin' Aggressive - Mystikal & Moby
  14. Mind What You Say - Buppy (Bonus Track)

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