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  Bad Boy Bill - Behind the Decks
Rating: 4 out of 5 Rating: 4 out of 5 Rating: 4 out of 5 Rating: 4 out of 5

by Sterling McGarvey

When DJs reach a certain point of superstardom, the efforts that got them to that point become mutually beloved and hated. No one exemplifies that more than Bad Boy Bill. His Bangin' the Box compilations are among the best selling domestic mix CDs released. Yet, he also catches flak for being too popular from some people. Come on, don't front. At some point, you were hatin' on him too. Whether it was the "Bad Boy Bill died of a drug overdose" (he doesn't even drink) or the "he doesn't even really scratch; he has a record of sound effects that does it for him" rumor, people were slinging barbs. In spite of the critical beatdowns that many (including myself in the past) have delivered on him, he still has managed to maintain a devoted fan base and be the gateway for house music to many people.

So, as the dance music industry takes its steps to protect itself during a period of slumping CD sales with bonus DVDs (witness Moonshine's retooled Mixed Live series), Bill, who has always had multimedia content on his mixes, steps up to the plate with Behind the Decks. Though Bad Boy Bill on CD is never the same as Bad Boy Bill live, the effort nevertheless manages to leave a good impression. Of course, like many of the house super jocks who were once staples of the rave circuit, his sound has taken on a big room club feel. In a nutshell, the old school bang of 1997 UC Music records has been replaced with the hard electro feel of contemporary Subliminal tracks.

Highlights include the efforts of Chicago area producers such as Alex Peace and Steve Smooth on tracks like "Beat Freaker" and "Discoteca" and the irresistible disco loop of Sedat's "Fist Funk." Staple artists of Bill's record crate, such as Junior Jack, CZR and Kid Crθme, are also included in the mix. In an interesting move, his original tracks are also included on the CD, perhaps to whet consumer appetites for his upcoming artist album. Basically, if you like Bad Boy Bill, you'll probably want to pick it up. If you have a friend who doesn't really like house, you should probably pick it up; Bill's always a good introduction.


Bad Boy Bill - Behind The Decks


  1. B Like Me (acca) – Smooth & J feat. Alex Peace
  2. Release – JJ Flores & Steve Smooth feat. Delano
  3. Freaks Like Us (acca) – Jay J & Chris Lum
  4. The Talk – Harrison Crump
  5. Don’t Stop – The Dukes of Sluca
  6. Funk Me (acca) – Disciples of Sound
  7. Lost In Music – Outfunk
  8. Dancin – Morillo, Romero & Nunez feat. J. Eve
  9. Soul Makossa (acca) – Tony Carrasco & Mamadi Kaba
  10. Discoteca – Steve Smooth & JJ Flores feat. Alex Peace
  11. Beat Freaker – Steve Smooth
  12. Fist Funk – Sedat the Turkish Avenger
  13. Hypnotizing – Kid Crθme
    * Release (acca) – JJ Flores & Steve Smooth feat. Delano
  14. Deep In My Soul (acca) – RC Groove & Joshua Collins pres. Shay Coco Butta
  15. Feels So Good – JJ Flores feat. Delano
  16. Esamba – Junior Jack
  17. Costa Del Sol – Bad Boy Bill feat. Nadine Renee
  18. Get Naked – Smooth & J
    * I Said (acca) – Electrik Children
  19. Movin’ Out – Warren Clarke
  20. Take U There – David Garcia
  21. Release The Tension – Dave Armstrong feat. MC Flipside
  22. Untitled – White Label
  23. The Anthem – Hatiras
  24. Ya Make Me Feel (acca) – DJ Rap
  25. Rhythm Of Life – Rubber Souls
  26. Clubganger – Roman Salzger
  27. In The Ultra Drive – Joey Beltram
  28. Rockstar – Bad Boy Bill & Hatiras
  29. Happy – Bad Boy Bill feat. Kevin Irving
  30. I Can’t Live – Rick Garcia
  31. Freaks (Keep Rockin’) (acca) – Richard Humpty Vission vs. Pete Lorimer
  32. Freq’d – Bad Boy Bill
  33. Spread Love – Laurent Konrad
  34. Can You Feel It – CZR feat. Alex Peace
    * Release The Tension (acca) – Dave Armstrong feat. MC Flipside
  35. Just Dance – Paul Johnson
  36. Make Your Move – Dave Armstrong

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