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  Baby Anne I'm About To Break
Rating: 4 out of 5 Rating: 4 out of 5 Rating: 4 out of 5 Rating: 4 out of 5

by Kelly Hubertus

Currently the only female breakbeat DJ touring in North America, Baby Anne is about to release her newest CD, I'm about to Break. Baby Anne's unique sound of funky breakbeats blended with Miami bass and electro flow through each track. Based out of Orlando, Florida, she got her start in 1992, after being seen making the moves on the dance floor by friend and major influence, DJ Icey. 7 years later, Baby Anne released her first mix, Bass Queen in the Mix on Pandisc. With the success of her first CD, she quickly followed up with Queen in the Mix 2. In September of 2001, Dark Side of the Boom featured two of her own singles, "Probe" and "Pulse," which have been released on Icey's infamous Zone Records.

I'm About to Break, which is Baby Anne's Moonshine Music debut, features high-energy funky breaks. This CD has two of her own singles, "Fury" and "She Said." Sandwiched in-between is DJ Icey's "Thor". Immediately following these tracks is the one and only moment of silence, going into DJ X's "Scream". With this CD being her best yet, Baby Anne has also included mixes with Tony Faline, Huda Hudia, and the funky Nynex remix of Tall Paul's "Precious Heart". She breaks it down in track number 10 with the fresh and smooth sound of Trinity Hi-Fi's "Turn the Lights Down". Without spoiling the rest of this amazing CD for you, just be sure to head out to stores May 21st for the release date of Baby Anne's I'm About to Break. Also be sure to check out the upcoming set she will be performing here in Atlanta on June 14th at the Globe Theatre, where she will be along side DJ Icey.

For more info on Moonshine's latest treasure, Baby Anne, check out and her own website


I'm About To Break from I'm About To Break
Mixed by Baby Anne

Track Listing:

  1. Tony Faline - Downdiggydown
  2. Jus Chris - Cut'n & Scratchin'
  3. Speedo - Phat Beat
  4. Baby Anne - Fury
  5. DJ Icey - Thor
  6. DJ X - Scream
  7. Baby Anne - She Said
  8. Dynamix II - Sedona
  9. Tall Paul - Precious Heart (Nynex Remix)
  10. Tony Faline - Keep Goin'
  11. Trinity Hi-Fi - Turn the Lights Down
  12. Huda Hudia & DJ Fixx as the All Star Breakers - Break to the Bass
  13. Algorhythm (DJs Moody & Swifty) - Tic-Toc-Boom
  14. Keith MacKenzie - From the Bottom
  15. Huda Hudia - On the Dance Floor

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